Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow the Next... Few Weeks Later?

When I posted "Park One Day, Snow the Next", I had planned to post snow pictures the next day. Life happens and I neglect this little space of mine, so here I am two or three weeks later sharing our snow day.

I have to admit that I was not overly excited for a snow day. I just can't bring myself to like snow very much. I think its a nuisance. BUT my children... both of their little faces light up like its Christmas day and they jump and shriek for joy. And with that, how can one NOT like snow days?
We were eating out with some friends of ours when it started raining. We were sitting in a restaurant with lots of windows and it was simply beautiful. I told them I felt like we should hold hands and sing Kumbaya. We didn't, of course, but if ever there is that kind of moment, I think this was kind of it.

After lunch we headed home, suited the kids up to play out in the snow, and headed out. I love, love, love to take pictures of my family, especially during special times like this, but sometimes I have to make myself put down the camera and BE in the moment with them. So, there are not a million pictures, but there are enough, and the four of us had a great time. Snow balls, snow angels, mini-snowmen, everything that should come with snow, we enjoyed it. I do by best to soak it every minute of moments like this.
Last year, London was too small to really enjoy the snow. When we took he outside she just stood like a frozen statue in the snow, but she would scream bloody murder if we tried to pick her up to take her inside. This year, she LOVED the snow. Both of my babes seem to be snow bunnies. She and Dylan had a great time chasing each other in the snow and having snow ball fights. Dylan's favorite thing was the snow ball fights and I think London's was eating the snow.
Once we (the kids, grown up were done with in minutes) had enough of the cold, we all came in and snuggled down withs some blankets, warm coco and marshmallows, and a movie. We kept the windows open and watched the snow fall down. It was beautiful and sort of magical.

I must say, one snow day a year is pretty great, but there is NO WAY I would want to live in the North during the winter. Snow all the time and more than a few inches? No thanks!

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