Sunday, January 29, 2012

Number 12

Its Basket Ball season and my little Dirk Nowitski Dylan is tearing up the court. Well, he's having the best time ever, anyways.

Our big man is #12 this year.
This is his second year playing basket ball.
I get so, so tickled watching him play, because
I can just tell that in his little mind
the whole game is like one giant play.

Let me explain. Dylan is ALWAYS pretending something or another. When he isn't acting out a scene from Starwars or "Water Boy (a "movie" that he made up on his own... more on that later), he is drawing out a scene or writing a story down. This boy is amazingly creative. I love that about him and I want to nurture it and help it to grow. But I also want him to be well rounded. So anytime he shows interest in a sport.. I jump on it! And he loves playing ball with his friends.

But when he is out on the court...
I believe the court is a stage to him, the parents in the stands are his audience, and he is in a movie or play, pretending to be basketball star. His facial expressions are what gives it away for me. I pointed this out to one of my friends, who knows Dylan well, and she agreed that its seemed to be the case. She said "Oh! I guarantee he is playing some theme music in his head right now!" I bet she is right. And after that game, Dylan came to me and said "Did you see the serious look I was giving that boy I was defending!?" Its so funny and it makes my heart so happy. I love exactly who he is. If he wants to be athletic, we'll encourage it. If he wants to be artistic, we'll be just as happy and encourage that too. I just pray he is blessed with great talent in whatever makes him happiest and that he uses it in amazing ways one day. And that its to the glory of the Lord.

I hope I don't make it sound as though he doesn't enjoy sports, because that's not the case. I just mean that creativity comes to him much more naturally. At this age, the only important thing in sports is that he is doing his best and having fun. And he is doing both things beautifully this year. Daniel gave him some tips yesterday right before the game, and Brother must have been listening, because Ya'll...


The first basket he's gotten this season. AND the first basket of the game. And it was an amazing play. I went crazy-out-of-my-mind-psycho with excitement. I literally jumped out of the stands, started jumping up and down and screaming something crazy like "Oh my God! Dylan! You did! AHHHHHH". Most other moms sit nicely and clap when their kids score. I just laugh when I think about how crazy I must have looked. I knew most everyone sitting around me though, so I'm sure they just smiled and thought "there's Carla."

Dylan usually pumps his arms up in the air in celebration when anyone, on either team, scores. I would have expected him to do a small victory dance or something for himself, but he just smiled really big and kept on playing the game. The kid is much more cool, calm, and collect than his mom.

He's getting better with every game.
Who knows, maybe he'll be an athlete and a brilliant creative mind one day.
Or maybe just one of those.
Or maybe something completely different.
Who knows!
Whatever he does, who ever he is...
He'll be amazing.
I'm so proud to be his Mommy.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Princess and A Knight at the Park.

I used to roll my eyes at children who were out of the house in costumes.
And then mine started a love affair with pretend play and dress up.
Then I realized there is not one thing wrong with letting go of my pride (though most people actually smile and say how cute the kids are in costume) and letting them be a super hero, princess, ninja, or puppy dog for the day, even when we are running a quick errand. I think it encourages them to use their imaginations and is maybe even good for their self esteem.
So, behold.. my Princess and Knight at the Park
(if the park isn't the right place for costumes out of the house, I don't know where is)

Watch out, I may start letting them pick out their own clothes, matching or not, from time to time....

Most likely not. But maybe. ;)

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London's First Hair Cut!

London Paisley officially thinks she is a big girl.
I refuse to call her such, which makes Miss Priss angry, so we've settled on a big-little girl.

Anyways, she thinks she is all grown up now, because we took her to get her very first hair cut! Yes, I waited until she was 3 years and 3 months old.
I've been warming her up to the idea of a hair cut for months now.
She kept saying "NO!" very quickly when the subject was brought up.
But last week, I asked again, and all of the sudden she couldn't wait to "Get my hairs cut!"

So, I called and made an appointment for her and the most precious little girl salon for the next morning. Let me tell you, this little salon is bursting with sas and spunk and glitter. It is so cute, I can't even take it. Before London was even conceived, I use to walk past it and say (to myself or to who ever was with me) "I can't wait to have a little girl so I can bring her here." And I remember pushing London in a stroller once and passing this shop and telling my tiny baby girl, "Look, we are going to have so much fun here one day."

So, MY day, oops.. I mean HER day finally arrived and let me tell ya'll. It did not disappoint.
London had the biggest smile on her face from the time we walked in until the time we left.
Grammy, Daddy, and Bubba came with us (because its a first of something, and you know that is how I roll) and we all watched our princess get her first hair cut. We probably looked crazy. She looked precious though.

When they called her back to get her hair cut, she got the shiest little smile on her face. I don't think I've ever seen it before, and sat with it plastered on the entire time. She loved, loved getting pampered and is already asking when she can go back.

Grammy made the trip extra fun by buying a new "princess brush" and some glitter hairspray for our girl. Here's a little secret... Mommy can't wait to go back either. And best believe we're doing the nail package next time!!

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Happy 2012

Happy 2012, Ya'll!
Usually, I end an year with some reflection and begin a new one with goals and aspirations.
This year?
We just partied the New Year right on in!

We spent New Years Eve with some of our favorite friends, and rung in the New Year with lots of laughter, dancing, and even some fireworks.

2011, you were FABULOUS to us! Thanks for many, many sweet moments and memories.
2012, Lets kick 2011's butt, okay? :) Here's to the best year yet!

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