Friday, August 27, 2010


Its officially official. My little guy is a big boy, he is a kindergartener.

He and I have both been counting the days down since the start of Summer. Him out of sheer excitement, and me out of sheer panic. Dylan couldn't wait to be able to go to school "EVERY SINGLE DAY!", and I couldn't picture spending every single (week)day with out him home with me and London.

Everyone assured me that he was going to love school every bit as much as he hoped he would. They assured me that I was going to be fine, that London was going to be fine, and that in fact, she and I were going to enjoy some one on one time together... and we have, but more on that later. Also, someone told me that the anticipation of it all was much worse than the actuality. And boy, she was right!

The day needed to start off with pancakes. Why? Because thats what Dylan has been asking me to make for his first day of school for a week prior. Not just any pancakes either, "some special pancakes". No problem, thats so my cup of tea. Exept for that at about 9 that night, I realized that I had no tea leaves for my cup of tea! Or in this case, eggs to make my pancakes! Panic set in. I thought of calling my sweet neighbor, but it was too late and I would never call or knock on the door as early in the morning as I would need them. My boy was not going to start his first day of "big school" with out pancakes though! So, I set my alarm for 5:30 in the AM so that I could go to the store and be home in time to make his pancakes before waking him.
His excitement was more than worth the small bit of trouble that the pancakes caused. I would do it again every single year, if need be. But next year, I will be sure to check the day before to make sure I have leaves for my cup of tea!

After breakfast, we got the children dressed and talked about how much fun Dylan was going to have. London wasn't quite sure what to make of it all, but we told her she was going to have a fun day too. Dylan was a big ball of excitement all morning. You really would have thought it was Christmas.

I warned him that I was going to take a million pictures before we left, but promised to be super fast as long as he gave me that beautiful smile of his. He did, and I did my best to be fast.

the one above is going in a frame!

London even participated nicely for pictures. I may or may not have bribed her a little.

As good of a sport as he was, Dylan was finally done with me and my picture taking. "Hurry! We don't want to be late, Mommy!" So, we piled into the car and headed down the road for a super long 5 minute drive. Seriously, I was so nervous it felt like it took forever!
When we got to the school, the place was MAD HOUSE. We had to park way down the hill and walk a good ways. Just like when we had to for Meet the Teacher, it was nice to have that time to talk to Dylan and take everything in.
London was just as excited as Dylan, I think, to get him to class. She wanted a book bag, so Dylan let her borrow one of his old ones.
The only time Dylan seemed to get nervous, was right as we were about to walk in the door. His eyes were so wide, and I think he was really gripping Daniel's hand. Daniel told him to take a deep breath, and we reminded him how fun this was going to be, and he calmed right back down. I was so proud of him!

In the past, I have always had to help him with putting his book bag away, but he went straight to his cubby and did it all on his own. It made me just little sad but so very proud of him. There wasn't a huge goodbye. Just a quick hug and a wave. Everything happened so fast that when we got back out to the hall way, I told Daniel I didn't even get a kiss and I felt like I should go back in to get one! Daniel assured me that it was okay and that we would be picking Dylan up in just a few hours (the first week is half days) and that I would get plenty of kisses then.
After school, we picked Dylan up and took him to lunch at the place of his choice, which was Sub Hub. He was so excited to tell us all about his day. He did great and loved it. And he has loved every single day this week. In fact, I think he was even more excited to go back on Tuesday than he was to start on Monday! My little man is officially in kindergarten kid!!!

Dylan Rides The Bus!

All Summer Dylan has been telling me he wanted to ride the buss, and all summer I have been changing the subject. I can't help it, I'm a helicopter mom. I hover. Its my nature. Well, this week he had been very persistent and Daniel thought it was a good idea to let him try it. This week only, the only kids on the bus were kindergarteners, so I figured if ever there was a time... this would be it.

So, Wednesday I told the teacher that he could ride the bus. She sent me to the office to sign a waiver and said she would make sure he got on the right bus. I was a nervous wreck as I went to the office to sign off on my baby riding a bus all alone (I realize as I type how dramatic that is, but those who know me know!). The lady at the front desk was so nice and I think she could tell I was nervous. I asked her if they had ever lost a kindergartener, and she laughed and told me that they had never. She told me they would also give him a name tag with his address on it and the bus driver wouldn't let him off anywhere other than at our address. Normal people would be completely at ease by this point, and I was for the most part. But only for the most part. I was bit on edge all morning all the way until I saw his little self get off the bus in front of my house.

I'm sure the driver thought I looked a little nutty, sitting out on my front lawn in my chair, camera up and ready to go, as the bus turned onto our street. But she smiled and waved so nicely as I thanked her for bringing him home.

I love this picture, London was jumping up and down, she was so excited for Dylan to be on the bus!

I really hoped that he would not care for the bus and that he would be happy that I picked up everyday. Sadly (only kidding... kind of), he loved the bus ride and loved sitting with one of his best buds on the way home. Thanks, best bud, had you not been on the bus, maybe Dylan wouldn't have loved it so! (Again, only kidding. Kind of). So now, Dylan wants to ride the bus everyday. Its not going to happen, but I might let him from time to time.

Really Spreading His Wings

I give the kid a little taste of independence, and he's ready to move out of the house and be on his own! Okay, so really he just wants to be able to walk to his classroom with out me and order his own lunch in the cafeteria, but still!

By the third day, Mr Independence had his morning routine down pat. He was ready to get out of the car in the drop off line. My heart isn't quite ready to do that one yet. I'm crazy enough to wonder all day long if he made it to the classroom with out getting lost. I would litterally be telling myself to relax, that someone would call if he turned up missing, so no news... that would be good news. I'm telling you, I know I have issues. Those who know me know also, and most of them still love me!

So, while I was not ready to drop him off at the curb, I did allow him to walk all the way to his class alone one day. Grant it, this was only because we were at the door to the school when we realized that he left his book bag in the car, and if I drug him back to the car with me, he would miss the tardy bell. Still, the point is that I let go and let him walk to class a lone. I asked him if he was sure that he knew where to go, and he assured me that he would be fine. I told him I would be there in a couple of minutes with his bag. He was off before I finished the sentence.

I was right, by the time I grabbed his bag and walked back up to the building, the bell had rung. This meant that I had to go in through the office. I explained the situation to the same sweet lady that helped me with the bus. She reached for the bag and said someone would take it down to her. I clung to the bag with white knuckles. She must have seen the crazy in my eyes, because she said in the sweetest tone "If you would rather walk it down to him, your welcome to. Just check in." I thanked her and told her that I justed wanted to see for myself that he had in fact made it to his room. She smiled as said she understood completely. I'm sure she did, I think all mom's would, even if they aren't all quite as nutty as I am.

He did make there just fine. He was sitting in a circle with his class and didn't even look over, even though I may have taken too long to put away his bag on the off chance that he would, to wave bye. He was more than fine.

Today was the first day that all the kindergarteners ate lunch at school. I have been planning in my head all of the cute lunches that I will send to school with Dylan. Dylan has been planning in his head how awesome it will be to order lunch in the cafeteria. I still planned on sending lunch today, but this morning he was so excited about getting to eat a cafeteria lunch, that I caved. I told him that today he could, and that every Friday I would let him, but every other day I would send him lunch. Agreed. Great! He was beyond thrilled to eat a "school lunch", as he calls it. Again, I hoped he would hate it and be grateful for such a rad mom that packs yummy and cute lunches, but he loved it and can't wait for next Friday.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meet the Teacher-Kindergarten- 2010

I say this every time the subject is brought up, but I can not believe my little boy is old enough for kindergarten. Wow. I swear to you that it feels like just yesterday, he was a newborn laying on my chest. This mama is having some serrious growing pains watching my babe start this big, new adventure. But even with the awful growing pains, I am so excited for my little man! He is going to LOVE kindergarten. I know he will just bloom this year. I can't wait to watch him grow and learn all kinds of new things!

And this past Friday we officially began the journey of elementary school at Meet the Teacher night. Dylan was a big ball of excitement and I was a big ball of nerves (I have a feeling this is how it will be on the big day also!) as we pulled into the parking lot. The whole place was jam packed. We had to park way off, and walk up a huge hill, which turned out to be a blessing because it was a nice time to chat with Dylan and calm the nerves of both of us. Thank the Lord London's stroller was in the car though!

The first thing that we did was find the Kindergarten Board in the hall way. There were list of teachers and class rosters lining the big board. You just had to walk down the hall looking at the names on the list until your students name is found. It was pretty exciting for Dylan. As soon as I saw his name, I told him his teacher was going to be Mrs. Erwin. Then I noticed two of his friends names on the list. When I told him that he was going to have his to buddies in class with him, he literally did a little happy dance in the hall way.
The class room was so packed when we got there that you could barely move around. Everyone was trying to say "Hi" to the teacher, sign up for this and that, and catch up with friends. The chaos only last about 5 minutes, and then it seems like the whole crowd left all at once. We were the last ones left, so we were able to get a little one-on-one time with Ms. Erwin. She seems so sweet and she reminded me a lot of Mrs. Hammond, Dylan PreK4 teacher, whom was his favorite teacher ever! I feel great about him being in her class!
We saw lots of friends in the hallways, and I think that made Dylan feel much more "at home."

For the past week he has been asking me if he would get to meet the principal, Of course, I wasn't sure if he would or not, so I had to give him the good ole "We'll see." Well, as we were heading out, one of the staff members stopped Dylan to see if was excited and chit chat a bit about kindergarten. Dylan was just chatting away and being pretty adorable when the staff member said how glad she was that he was there and told him that her name was Mrs. Lyles and that she was the principal. His eyes were as wide as the sky! He said "Oh! Mrs. Principal! I'm going to be good every day! I promise!" Everyone around was giggling and smiling at how cute he was. And, of course, I was beaming that my little guy got to meet the principal and made a great first impression!

Tomorrow is the big day! Dylan is fast a sleep and can not wait!

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Fun at the Mall

A few pictures from a fun trip to the mall a few days ago. We visited pretty much every "kid store" there was, played in the play place, and road the carrosell. I don't remember malls being this fun when I was a little kid!

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Knee Cap Replacement.

Wednesday morning my sweet Mom had her knee cap replacement.
Everything went really well and the surgery seems to have been a success! I took the kids to see her Thursday morning. I expected her to be laying in bed, but to our delight she was up, sitting in her chair and looking great! Dylan was so relieved, I think, to see that she was Okay. London kept saying "Get better Grammy!" over and over again. Bless their little hearts, they do love their Grammy.

I have pictures of myself in the hospital bed right before Dylan was born, having make up put on me. Anytime someone sees the pictures, they get so tickled and say "olny Carla". Well, guess what? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not even 24 hours post-op, and Grammy was in full make up!

Apparently, my packing habbits come honest too...

Right now, she is in rehab getting that knee working well, but we can't wait to have Grammy back in the full swing of things, back and better than ever!

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So Long, Summer!

Summer 2010 has officially come to an end.
It was a beautiful one, filled with happiness and sweet memories.
We celebrated the last week of this summer doing as many things that we love about summer as we could. Dylan's favorite was simply playing with friends.
There was lots and lots of play time this week. There was side walk chalk, painting, jump rope, splash parks, lunch dates, sprinklers, and most of all lots of laughs and smiles.

And the great news is that we live in Texas, so even though the luxury of doing what we want when we want is over with Summer's end, we still get to do all those fun things on weekends!

We are so excited to start the school year and start our new routines. We're anxious for fall and all of the wonderful things it will bring!

Happy Summer, 2010!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Last.

This is the last week of summer. It is very better sweet for us. We are all excited for Dylan to start Kindergarten, because he is so excited. I'm a bit of a wreck over the whole thing. I've been having crazy jitters. I'm not really nervous about him being there, as much as I am him being away from me... if that makes any since. Regardless, he starts a week from today, and he is so very excited, so I am too!

Tonight was the last Karate class at Little Gym for the Summer. I will say that the class is not what I really expected. It is karate skills class rather than an actual martial arts class. Non the less, Dylan had a BLAST and made some sweet summer friends. He was a little bit sad to say bye to everyone tonight, but the excitement of everything coming up way over shadowed any sad feelings, thank the Lord! We will for sure do Little Gym again next summer, if he wants. We loved it, and we really loved the teacher, Mr. Garret.

Tonights class was a brush through of everything they've learned this Summer. Dylan had a blast. I think it might have been the best class of the season!

I'm so proud of him for not being afraid of the uneven bars, I always was when I was little.

Sword fighting with Mr. Garrett

Dylan was a PRO at this little bar. He was swinging around it like a monkey!

Dylan came to give us a "hug" against the glass window. Silly boy!
I thought there was no way he could jump over this rope, but he sure did!
London is always Dylan's little cheerleader, not matter what sport. She gets so excited for him and cheers really loudly!

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