Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

Hi. I'd like to think that my blog and I are like old friends. You know, the kind that can go months without communicating and then when they finally do, they just pick right back up where they left of? Let do that, shall we? Rather than ramble about why I slacked off and how I'll try to do better, lets just jump into whats been up lately. Sounds good? Great! Maybe I still have two readers left.

Mothers Day was last week and it was pretty amazing. Daniel and the kids woke me up with breakfast in bed, a little yogurt parfait, and then they all jumped in bed to snuggle me. *Bliss*

My mom joined us for church and then we headed out for a beautiful and fun day at the Fort Worth Zoo. We brought sandwiches and had a little picnic there. It was perfect, minus the stupid bee that was apparently hungry and though our food would make a great meal for him too.

After our picnic we headed out to explore all of the Zoo. We stopped at the giant walk through bird cage first. Birds usually really, really freak me out but for some reason I really was digging these birds. I think because they were very calm and mellow. Maybe they had been drugged. Probably not, but I appreciated their mellowness. The kids loved the birds, I think London the most. My mom has always been a "bird person". She and my dad used to sit outside on their patio and "bird watch" in our back yard. They would have a book with all kinds of birds in it and binoculars. So it goes with out saying that she was loving the giant bird cage. I'm pretty sure thats not what the zoo called it, but that is exactly what it is.

After the birds we saw all sorts of fun animals. I can't believe it, but this was London's first trip to the Zoo! I wanted to take her several time last year, but Daniel worked crazy hours all Summer long, and it never panned out. She enjoyed it so much! At first she was a little standoffish but she warmed up quickly to the animals. She enjoyed making all the appropriate animal sounds for whatever animal we were looking at. She also enjoyed all the little telephones that were through out the Zoo. You pick them up and they tell you about the animal near by. She couldn't get enough of "talking on the phone."

Dylan is much like his Daddy when it comes to visiting the Zoo or a museum. He likes to stop and look at everything and read all the information about it. I love that he wants to learn and I'm thankful Daniel is patient enough to stand there and read everything. I'm more of a walk through and see the big animals kind of girl, and my mom and London seem to be the same way. As soon as we got to the Zoo, Dylan was asking when he could go to the play place. Really? We are here to see animals. He was finally able to understand that we would eventually make our way to the play place and that he should enjoy the animals along the way, and he did. I think his favorite thing, other than the play place, were the birds.

After our trip to the Zoo, we headed over to a burger place we've been dying to try, Twisted Roots. Its a "gourmet burger" joint and we've heard all sorts off great things about it. It was very yummy, but I didn't think it lived up to its hype (sorry!). Maybe if I hadn't known how much the burgers cost! Hah! The Rootbeer was off the charts good, and the company was even better!

I think this was one of the nicest Mothers days we've had and I'm so glad that we were able to spend it with my Mom!

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