Thursday, November 10, 2011

TRICK or Treat 2011

I feel like this Halloween was jam packed with parties and events. I'm really sad to tell you that by the time the actual night of Halloween rolled around, I was so tired and ready to be done with it. I tried my best to shake off the funk and still make the night fun and special.
We have a few traditions for Halloween night.

I always make a special dinner. This year I failed in a big way. I threw together some spaghetti and meatball and called in Mummy Face Pasta. No decorations or anything. Lame. But the kids didn't really seam to mind. Should this tell me something? Maybe I put to much pressure on my self when it comes to memory making and traditions? Hmm....

Then we trick or treat...

And my mom always comes over to hand out candy while we trick or treat...

Last year London was big enough to say "trick or treat" but she wasn't extremely excited about the whole thing. But this year, she was SO excited. She talked about "knocking on doors" all weekend. At the first house, she seemed just a little hesitant about the whole thing. But she followed Dylan lead and said "trick or treat!" when the lady handed her candy, you would have thought London hit the jackpot. She turned around and yelled "Ya'll! OH MY GOOOSH! I GOT CANDY!" and jumped up and down. I wish I were recording it with my video camera.

Dylan is a Trick or Treat Pro by now. He was so patient and kind to his little sitter, waiting for her and going slowly so that she could keep up with him. I think his favorite part was walking with our friends to all the houses.

Then, we usually come home and slip the kids into their matching Halloween pjs. Then we dump out all their candy and let them "ooh and aww" over the huge pile that they collected. And then we snuggle up and watch a Halloween movie while we sip on hot chocolate. That is not what played out. We got in later than I planned, so we went straight to the dumping and the "oohs and awws", the kids put on random pjs (they had slept in the matching ones the night before and London wet herself in them and I hadn't yet washed them), and then they went to bed.

I don't feel too too badly about it though. We've watched a Halloween movie every Sunday night in October. We've had several versions of "spooky" hot chocolate. And the kids were their matching pjs plenty of times. But next year, I will not let all of the hoopla leading up to Halloween overshadow the actual day. I might even cut back on what we commit to (probably not, but maybe).

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Trunk or Treat

Our church had its first (hopefully anual) Trunk or Treat this year.
They did an amazing job with it. There were games, food, bounce houses, and trunk or treating.
It was fun to see all of our friends and enjoy a family night together.

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Halloween Costumes at the Pumpkin Patch

One of the kids' sweet friend had a costume party at our favorite pumpkin patch the weekend of Halloween. Here are a few pictures of my two sweet peas in their costumes at the PP...

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