Thursday, March 29, 2012

Number 8

Baseball Season is officially in full swing.
Dylan's team has been practicing for several weeks and tonight they had their first game.

For the first time ever, I have not made it to any of the practices. Daniel has been helping with the coach staff, so he takes Dylan. I would usually still go, but it seems as though there has been a conflict every single time. So going into tonight, I really had no idea what to expect. I knew the boys would have fun, but would they be any good!?

The answer is YES! They were really quite great. And my little guy is pretty awesome at Baseball. Maybe this will be his sport. We let him play every sport, every year. But we having been waiting, watching, and hoping for one of them to really click for him. My bets are that it will be baseball or soccer. Although we haven't seen him play football yet (he hasn't been old enough), so maybe that will be it!?

This is our first time ever to travel for games. This is also the first time ever that Dylan's played for points. Everything up until this season of baseball, he has been in the peewee league, where they do not keep score for any of the sports. Dylan noted that this year he doesn't get a trophy just for signing up to play, that he was going to have to win the most games. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I was impressed with him for drawing that little conclusion. Dylan is the type of kid that would rather earn a trophy or prize, rather than being given one "just because." I love that about him.

*Dylan said he didn't like this picture, because he looks mean. I told him he looks focused and ready to take 'em down. He laughed and said "Oh yeh! I like that!"
There were 11 kids playing tonight. Between the six innings, Dylan batted twice and got hits both times. The first time he was up to bat, he got a hit off of the first pitch. He didn't make it to first base though.

London loves going to the base ball fields. She likes to watch Dylan, but she loves playing with all the little siblings. I was thinking tonight about what a difference it is to have a 3 year old at the fields rather than than a 1 year old, like I did the very first time Dylan played tball. I would chase her around the during the whole game, trying my best to watch and cheer for Dylan and keep London from climbing to the top of the score keepers box all at once. I must have looked frazzled, because I remember one of the moms telling me "You will get to sit and enjoy a game one day when she's just a couple years older." I thought to myself "yeh, right!" Turns out she was speaking the truth. I love this season of life (and baseball!).
For most of the game Dylan played behind 2nd base. I'm sure there is named position for this, but I do not know it.

The second time he was up to bat he got two strikes before he got his hit. It amazes me how nervous I get when I watch him play sports. I never thought I'd be a crazy sports mom. Now I'm pretty sure I always will be.
Off of that hit, he got a double!! My throat hurts from all the screaming that took place. He got to second, and the look on his face was priceless! Then, he stood at second in the funniest stance with the most serious look on his face. His little buddy that went to bat after him struck out, so he didn't get to try to get to home. Next time, he'll get it!
London and I were so excited, we had to run to the dug out and (air)high five Dylan through the fence. He was beaming. "Mommy, did you see that!? I got a DOUBLE!"
London said "I'm so proud of you Bubba!!!"
In the last inning our little guy played catcher. I was sort of shocked when I looked over and saw him there. He did a good job though!
After our team struck out the third boy from the other team, Dylan looked over at his Daddy to make sure the game was over and Daniel said "You won, Buddy!" His smile let up the whole field.
I was almost as excited as he was.

He talked the whole way to the car about plans on winning lots of games this year.
Cheers to that!!
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Like the warmth of the sun
And the light of the day,
May the luck of the Irish
shine bright on your way.
Our celebrations were kept simple and sweet this year.
Just a fun little dinner...
(I wish I had thought to do a little center piece... but I didn't!
So I made do with what we had on hand)
Ready for a little leprechaun magic?!
I used clear koolaid, so that the kids would think the water was magically flavored when it was poured into the cup and turned green (food dye at the bottom of the glass)
I love London's little face!
Green Chicken and Pesto Pasta!
And some Leprechaun's Rainbow Fizz for desert!
(AKA Rainbow Sherbet with 7up poured over)
Two things are clear in the photo below
1. The leprechauns did not use any of their magic to help a sister out with her looks today.
2. I have no pride once so ever OR I have lost my mind to post this photo of a makeup free and wet hair mamma.
On a side note, Dylan did not buy into any bit of the "Leprechaun Magic" I was dishing up. He especially didn't appreciate the "magical water". After dinner, he found the empty koolaid package and demanded the truth. I told him that he was right and there was no Leprechaun Magic and that Mommy was just trying to make the night extra fun. I'm afraid the Easter bunny and Santa might get busted this year too.
Hope everyone found a little moment of magic today!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break, Staycation 2012

Back at the first of the school year, I wrote down the dates for Spring break 2012 in my calenders: March 19-23. We planned a trip to Mississippi during our spring break, and our family made plans to celebrate Easter that week.
We have been counting down the weeks until March 19. Last Tuesday, I practically sang "TWO more weeks!" I was so excited. Then, Wednesday Morning I took London to Dance class and her dance teacher said "No class next week since its spring break." And with that, panic set in as I frantically searched for the dates of our break. Turns out... I wrote down the wrong dates at the start of the school year. And there you have it, one of my biggest blond moments of ALL time.
Our dates for MS could not be changed, so we are in town for a Staycation for this year's Spring Break. And have no fear, we will be in Mississippi next week as planned.

So with days to plan our Staycation, I decided to let the kids make a wish list of fun things to do.
I let them put anything they wanted on our To DO list. There are some pretty funny things on there, like "make a smoothie" and some really fun ones too. I have a few fun surprises up my sleeve too.
Day one of our Staycation, and a good chunk of the kids list is checked off. I told them we might have to add more to it. From the checklist:

We had a picnic at the park with friends. (check!)
And since it was with friends, that counts as a playdate, right? (check!)
Once we were done playing with friends, I called my mom to arrange the kid getting to hang out with her and my nephews (who she is keeping for a few days). They were at another park down the road. My kids call this park "The Wooden Park" and it was on their check list. Also on the list was to see their cousins, Wyatt and Trey. (Check, Check!)

This evening the kids and I went with my mom and the boys to the movies to see The Lorax (check!).
Then the kids went to play for a bit, and here we are all worn out but super happy and content.

We're so excited for tomorrow, because Daniel is joining our staycation!!!!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dylan's 1st Grade Open House

I don't know how its possible that Dylan's 1st grade year is half way over.
Just yesterday I was packing his lunch for the first day of pre-school.
Or so it seems.

Tuesday night, Dylan proudly played tour guide and showed London and I all around his school and gave us a peek into what his days are like at school.
The first thing my big guy wanted to show us was his computer classroom, and the slide show he made. He was so proud of the slide show, and had already told me most of the details of it. Even with out the surprise element, it was still very fun to see how his hard work paid off!
Then, he took us to his Art class. He proudly displayed his beautiful masterpiece that he calls "The Jungle"
Then he led us down to his classroom where he showed off lots of his recent work and projects.

In the picture bellow, he is standing in front of his "self portrait" of what he'll look like as an adult. (The one in the black shirt is Dylan's)
Under the self portrait was a little report on what Dylan thinks he will be when he grows up.
It says:
Who am I?
I wear kastooms (costumes).
You will find me at a movey stootyoe (Movie studio)
I act.
I am an Acter. (Actor)

And then, my favorite of the whole night.
A self portrait of himself as a 100 year old man!
And a report on what he thinks he will be like then.

It reads:
"When I am one hundred years old I will have ten
gran chilldrin. I will have wrinkles. When I am one hundred years old I will have glases.
I will read chader book (chapter books) When I am one hundred years old I have a Beard."

I loved playing tour guide to my 1st grader.
He was just beaming with pride as we skipped from room to room and
project to project. He wanted to read me every single paper and show me ever single picture.

It was just impossible for Daniel to be there. It was the night before his game was supposed to ship. It was so, so sad for all of us, but it just is what it is. I used my iPhone and recorded Dylan giving his little tour, and we are going to sit down and watch it once Daniel's game is officially wrapped. I'll try to post a video or two on here too.

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