Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Purvis

Christmas with Daniel's family is what I think all family-Christmases should be... beautiful, crazy, chaos. A house full of people that grew up together and those of us who were just lucky enough to marry into such wonderfulness. A house full of little feet running through each room with giggles and games that they've just made up. A house that smells of the heavenly aroma of so much food that there is no way it could all be eaten. A house full of love and memories. It is beautiful and every time we are there I feel so blessed. I had Christmases of the same kind with my own family when I was I child, but sadly after my Grandmother passed away things haven not been the same. But alas the beauty still still lives in Purvis, and my heart is happy for my babes who get to have these precious times and memories.
Every year Daniel's grandparents think of a way to engage the kids in the telling of the Christmas story. This year, they outdid themselves and had each little dress up as a character from the story. All the girls were angels and the boys were shepherds. An older cousin, Paulina, was Marry and her boyfriend was Joseph. My heart smiled the entire time the story was read aloud. I think this memory will stick with our kids forever.

And of course, there are the presents! Tons of them! And so much fun for the kiddos. Dylan is already counting down until easter when we will all be together in Purvis again!

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