Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time in McComb

The next day I felt like a whole new woman. I told Daniel's mom it was so nice to feel human again! His mom and dad just bought a new house that is so nice and its on a river, so we were all excited to get out and see the place. Let me tell you. I see some magical times ahead in this place. It is beautiful. peaceful. perfect. We can not wait to go back this summer. I have feeling that this is going to be another piece of heaven on earth for us. How lucky are we!?
The kids loved the river and skipping rocks with Umpa.

London can't wait wait to get in a boat this summer and Dylan is ready to go swimming. I'm not sure about swimming in a river. It makes me nervous. But, I bet it will still happen. I think it should.
We had to say good bye to Uncle Lee when he headed to the airport that morning. I know my kids love, love, love him but it surprised me a bit when Dylan cried for him. We only live a few hours away, so I promised a trip to see him in the near future. Ready for that, Lee!?
We didn't get nearly as much time a we had planned for McComb, but the time we did have was lovely. We really can not wait until this summer.

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