Thursday, January 6, 2011


Its been long day, nope make that week, and I'm popped. Still, I'm squeezing the hell out of all the lemons I seem to find around here and plan to whip up some sweet lemonade. And to be honest, and the "lemons" are nothing that will mater in a month from now, so I feel too blessed to gripe. So no griping, just tired!

These two bundle of joys make my heart so happy (as does their daddy):
Food for thought: "A criticism is just a really bad way of making a just make the request." — Diane Sawyer
I love that. Love. I bet I'm the only one who is this way (*wink, wink*) but when under lots of stress I get pretty darn snappy. I heard this quote last night and thought of it several times today. I'll admit my snippiness still got the best of me, but hey! I'm a work in progress.

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