Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dylan's Preschool Gradution

*My camera is currently in a shop being fixed, I borrowed my Mom's but don't know how to download to my computer... so until the computer guru (aka my hubby) can help me out, a post with no pictures *gasp!!!*

Today was a big deal for my little man. Today marked the end of an era in his little life. He graduated from Preschool. He could not have been more excited. Daniel and I could not have been prouder. It was precious and perfect and I tried my best to soak every bit of it up, because I've figured out by now that time flies so fast when you have little ones.

I had planned to get up and make a big breakfast, like a breakfast for a champion... because my little guy is a champion and I wanted to start the day off celebrating that. Too bad I slept in (thanks to my sweet hubby and his sweet intentions) and the kids were fed cereal before I woke. *Sigh* Oh well, it was only important to me, I'm pretty sure. Still, I wanted to start the day of celebrating the specialness of it, so we left for school early and stopped by our favorite donut shop for some sugary goodness (I'm sure his teachers appreciated that!) Dylan was more excited about that treat than he would have been by my big 'ole breakfast, so it worked out well. The morning weather was perfect, so we ate outside...adding sprinkles to a fabulous treat. Daniel took a couple hours off work to be see our big man walk the stage, and that combined with his Grammy driving over to celebrate also was without a doubt the best part of the whole day for Dylan.

When we got to school, it was the usual rush-rush-rush getting Dyl into class (we are always 5 min late), but I couldn't help but to to get a little sentimental walking down the halls to his class and thinking about how fast this year had past, how fast the last 3 years of his preschool career had past. I made sure he was all squared away in his room and joined the family in the chapel for the ceremony.

I was more than prepared to be the blubbering idiot in the room, balling because my baby is growing up way, way, way to fast. However, I am proud to report that I did not even break out into an ugly cry. I was simply misty-eyed (through out most of the program). Dylan, as always, did a great job on stage. That boy of mine has got the best stage presence of any kiddo I know. Really.

All of the preschoolers marched in to music and then came onto stage for their first performance, which was this cute alphabet song. They then exited the stage for the pledge of allegiance. We were on the second row and Dylan was right in front of us, so I guess he could here us saying it along with everyone. After the pledge was done, he turned around and said, "Good job, Daddy!" It was beyond cute! He saw me smiling and then said, somewhat loudly, "Are you okay Mommy? Have your cried?" Ha! My sweet little man knows his mom! I whispered that I was okay. He then turned around and very loudly said to his teacher "I think my mommy will cry. She cries." The whole section we were sitting in heard and was giggling. What can I say? I'm an emotional mommy.

When they called Dylan's name to come get his certificate, he was just beaming. My heart was so full of happiness and pride that it could have burst! After receiving their certificate, the music teacher asked each child what they wanted to be when they grew up. The answers were so cute. As soon as I heard her ask the first child, I knew Dylan would say Super Hero. And let me tell you, I know my boy! When she asked, he confidently said A SUPER HERO! She asked him which one and he said SPIDER MAN! Another moment of pure cuteness!

After the ceremony, all the parents went into the class rooms and had some refreshments and visited. Dylan was most excited to get to play with Daniel for a bit. He was showing his cool dad off to all his friends! It was fun to watch. The teachers put together a little scrapbook for all the kids. I took lots of photos over the school year, but it was nice to get "inside shots" of his days.

I can not believe that this was his last year to be a preschooler. And I can't believe that next year London, my baby, will be a preschooler. Let me tell you that I will be spending the summer enjoying and soaking up as many special moments as I can with those two and their Daddy!

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Monday, May 17, 2010


Last week and this weekend were just full of happiness. Not for any special reason, just the love of my family and the happiness that it brings. I injured my back Monday night, went to the doctor on Tuesday and have been drugged up ever since, so our week was very univentful. Just days of hanging out and loving on my two babes and then cuddle time with the hubby at night. Turns out, thats about all I need to be happy.

Dylan is beside himself with excitement that his bird eggs have hatched. We are not the proud landlords of 5 baby bird tenants in our bird house. They are so ugly that they are kind of cute.
London has a new fascination with the yellow lab that she can see just little peeks of through our fence in the back yard. The lab, he doesn't seem to be a fan of ours. Unless his big barks are signs of love and affection. ha!
We love family time in our back yard. Thursday evening, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a little family soccer match. Each person switched teams a dozen times and we all won.

Dylan was very serious about his job as "goalie"

London didn't quite get the memo that hands aren't allowed. haha! Turns out she is great at throwing htough!

And watching my hubby play with our babies...

nothing makes me happier.
I'm one lucky girl.
I'm one happy girl.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I planned on writing this on Monday, but my back decided to spaz out on me and I have pretty much been knocked out on muscle relaxers ever since I went the doctor. I'm actually feeling somewhat normal again today and I can't tell you what a relief that is! Its hard to be Mommy when you aren't feeling well. Thank the lord for a Hubby that is able to stay home and take care of the kids when I really need him to!

So, this past Sunday was Mothers Day, and it was wonderful. Daniel and the kids made a little breakfast for me. They had planned to do breakfast in bed, but I woke up too soon. haha! It was still so sweet and I loved it. They also made the cutest little cards to give me. There is nothing I love more than a handmand cards on a holiday of any kind! Dylan made a little present for me at his pre-school. He had brought it home on Thursday, but didn't let me open it until Sunday morning. I couldn't believe he was able to hold onto the surprise for that long! I never could have done that as a kid!

Later in the morning, we went to church and then came home and had a light lunch. We relaxed and just enjoyed each other for the rest of the afternoon. I had hoped to take the kids to the park but it was icky outside, so we just stayed home. That night we met my mom, brother, and his family at Buca di Beppo for big and fun dinner. Its been a while since we all got together to hang out and it was really nice to be together again.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dylan's Muffins with Mommy and Spring Concert

This post could also be titled "The Longest Post Ever with the Most Pictures Ever."

Yesterday, Dylan had a very big day. He had Muffins with Mom first thing in the morning. He was super excited for me to come and hangout with him at school for a bit. I love to watch him in his own little environment. London came with us and played with the other little brothers and sisters while Dylan and I had muffins and made a craft together.

When I picked him up, we had to run a few errands, including getting his hair cut!, but first we stopped by Chipotle because London and I napped right through lunch and were starving. Dylan had already eaten at school, but ordered some chips and salsa. He loves salsa, and even though I thought it was a little spicy, he ate it right up!

Last night was Dylan's Spring Concert. His class's theme was "cowboys".

He did SUCH a great job. Dyl has always been a preformer. He just shines on the stage.

You can see that he is laughing and looking in my direction in a lot of these pictures. He was NOT looking at me though. There were two little girls standing beside me and Dylan was hamming it up big time for them. One of them was the big sister to the little girl in the pink shoes, standing beside Dylan. I asked him after the program if he was being silly for them and he said yes. I said You thought they were pretty, huh? and he said They WERE pretty, mom! I'm going to have to keep an eye on that boy. :)
The teacher told them to sing loud, and Dylan sure did! haha! I just can't even say how darn cute he was!
London did pretty well sitting to watch. She did get a little restless, but overall it was good. The program was super cute and I was one very proud Mommy.

Grammy also came to see our little Star and he was very excited about that.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Busy Bees

We have been on the non-stop go the past couple of days. I need for us to slow down for a second, so I can catch my breath clean my house! No, really... my house was about to give me an anxiety attack tonight until I finally had time to clean it (with the help of my sweet hubby!) I'm just pooped. I don't even have energy to write much, but I am committed to posting every week day, so here it is! Nothing long or fancy, just some pictures of my beautiful kids playing in the park yesterday.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

End of Season.

Yesterday was the last game of the season for Dylan's tball team. Its been a great season, and Dylan really enjoyed it. I was nervous that he would be really sad about this being his last game until next year, but he was fine with it... I get to play soccer next! was his attitude about it. He is such a good kid. He really, really is.
He played a great game! Even though this is tball, our town starts the kids on coach's pitch half way through the season. They let them have the tries at hitting off the coach, then let the kids hit off the tee. Dylan got one hit off the coach and then other two off the tee this game. The hit he made of the coach was really good one too! This mommy was proud! And so was his sister, who is his biggest cheerleader!

Daniel didn't sign up to coach since this is our first year in sports. He wanted to get a good fill for how things are run and plans to sign up next year. He ended up still helping coach everygame though. Most of the dads helped out. At this age, they need lots of help. It was a lot of fun for Dylan and Daniel to do this season together. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Daniel is one of the best daddies ever.
Dylan improved in lots of areas through out the season. One thing that did not improve? his love of digging in the dirt while in outfield. It makes me giggle just thinking about it. My little man, all dressed up in his uniform, out on the field... digging in the dirt. Maybe next year when he's a little older there will be less digging, but for now... its all fun and games!
One thing that Dylan picked up from some of the boys with older brothers was trying to slide into home plate. I think this might have been one of his favorite parts about the game. His other was the snack after the game! Also making new buddies was big part of the fun.
To celebrate my big boy and his first season of t-ball I made him some baseball cupcakes! I'm so proud of my sweet Dylan. I can't believe he is old enough to play ball. I feel like he was a little bitty butterball of love cooing up at me just yesterday.
It was a great season! We can't wait for next year. And now we can't wait for soccer to start!

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