Friday, August 31, 2012

Hip Hop

Last Thursday London started Hip Hop class for the first time. Last year she took a combo class with Ballet and Tap. She loved dance, and especially the recital, so I knew we would put her in it again this year. When I saw they had a hip hop class for her age I about jumped for joy because there was no doubt in my mind London would LOVE that. So we are dancing two dance a week this year. That seems so grown up to me. 

The first week, London was in a class by herself and she really loved it. Then the dance studio owner (and her combo class teacher) asked if we could move London over to the other hip hop class next door with girls that are just a year older. I said okay, but I wasn't sure she could keep up. Last night we tried that class and I think London liked it even better than the first. She kept up pretty well, though I think its pretty obvious that she's the baby of the group. Obvious is skill, but not height. She is just as tall as everyone else! 
She'll do great though. She's already asking when she can dance a recital. 

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

1st Day of 2nd Grade.

The count down to 2nd grade has been going strong for about a month now. The closer to the date that we got, the stronger Dylan's excitement grew. By Friday night, he could barely contain his excitement. He kept saying he wish he could fast forward the weekend. London fell asleep before him on  Sunday night, and he said "I wish I could be London just for tonight. That way I could wake up sooner and be me in the morning." I love that he loves school. But I'm always a little sad when its time to send him back.  

When I asked him what he wanted for his "back to school breakfast" he said rainbow waffles. I knew that I wanted to be dressed to walk him in (and see half the town at drop off), so I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to get dressed and start cooking by 6:00. I told Daniel he'd better take a picture because this wouldn't happen again for another year. I giggle when I look at this picture because it is SO not real life here at the Hilburn. To keep it real, I'll tell you that yesterday we missed the alarm clock, woke up 10 minutes before the buss stopped, ran around like CRAZY people trying to pull it together in time, and then Daniel literally chased the bus down in the car so that Dylan could get on it. The whole time, I kept saying "I'll take you, it's okay! I'll take you!" and Dylan is saying "Noooo MOM, I reeeealllly want to ride the bus." Pretty sure I gained a grey hair or two. Normal falls some where in between these two extremes  leaning towards the latter. But for one day out of a year, I can pull it together and try to be supermom. 

I use to LOVE buying school supplies. I remember my parents making a whole ordeal about it. We'd go to the store and they'd let me pick out all the character folders, binders, notebooks, and the sparkliest pencils I could find. Now a days (at least where we live) everything is very specifically picked out for the students by the teacher. Green three pronged folders with pockets. Black Mead Journal. 4oz glue stick. They don't leave room for kids to personalize much of anything when it comes to their supplies. It makes me so sad. In fact, its hard to find many options when it comes to "fun" pencils. So when I ran across this spider man notebook, I knew my little guy would love it. Even if its not use in his classroom, I figured he could keep it in his bookbag for when he's on the bus. I picked up a few little things and left them on the table for him to find in the morning. He was so excited about them. It made my heart super happy. 

We woke the kids up at 6:30 to eat breakfast. The both popped up pretty quickly. I wasn't sure what to expect after our crazy summer schedule, but they both did great! 

We even had a little extra time to run out and take pictures. 

After a couple of shots outside our house it was time to head to school. Dylan said he needed to use the potty first. I said "Ok, just close the door behind you. We'll be in the car." He was out to the car by the time we got London buckled.

We didn't get to school quite as early as I had hoped, but still early enough for a few more pictures and to see friends in the cafeteria. On the way into the parking lot I gave myself a mental highfive for having had such a calm, well put together morning. We pull into the parking lot and all start getting out of the car when Dylan says "Where's my bookbag?" in a very "you have it mom" sort of way. I said "What do you mean... you had it at home?" Panic runs across his face as he realizes he sat it down to use the restroom and never picked it back up. I bit my lip extra hard because my instinked was to say "DYLAN! HOW DO YOU COME TO SCHOOL ON THE FIRST DAY WITH OUT YOUR BOOKBAG, KID!?" BUT that isn't how I wanted his morning to go. So instead I smiled, rubbed his head, and said "goofy kid!"

Daniel walked us up to the school the RAN home to grab his bag. He told me later that Dylan even left the front door wide open. I can't help but giggle. He was beside himself with excitement. 

Daniel still wasn't back when it was time to walk Dylan to his room. I was crossing my fingers he would make it before the tardy bell. But London and I walked him down and helped him settle in. Not that he needed much help. He went straight to his desk, picked up his pencil and started his worksheet right away. I knelt next to him for a few minutes rubbing his back. I whispered to him and asked if he was ready for me to go, or if I should stay until the bell wrung (and the kickedor.  the parents out) he said "you can go Mommy. Love you." I quickly fought back the sting of tears, kissed him quickly and headed out the do

On our way out the door we bumped into Daniel. He made it back before the tardy bell and was able to run the bag down to Dylan's room and give him a big hug. Daniel told me that Dylan seemed to want a rather quick hug. He's becoming such a big, big boy. 

Its our tradition to take London to the park after dropping Dylan off at school on the first day. We want to make it a fun day for her too because its a transition for her when Dylan, her playmate, goes back to school after being home all summer. Its hard to believe she'll be going to preschool this year. 

London and I can't wait for pick up time each day. We start counting down about an hour before. So far, Dylan loves Second Grade. He's so excited because he got the teacher he was hoping for AND some of his favorite friends. 

We are so proud of you. You have worked on your reading all summer, and I know its going to really pay off in the Second Grade. I can tell already that this is going to be a good year for you, buddy. You are going to learn so much both about books and about life. I hope this is your favorite year of school yet.
Love You,
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Annual 1st Day of School Photo

Dylan is officially a second grader. We're nearing the end of his first week and so far he loves everything. 
Lots more to come soon. 
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

They're Baaaaack!

Over the river and through the woods
To Grandmother's house the went.

Its been a week and half now since I got to wrap my arms around these two sweet little things.

They had the best time in Mississippi. London only cried for us once. Dylan said he was happy to see us, but that he could have stayed another week if it were up to him. The fact that they were not homesick is a direct testiment to the love that they were surrounded with. Their grandparents, great-grands, aunts, and cousins all spent time making special memories with Dylan and London. I hope that this trip is something they'll always remember. And I hope its the first of many more. 

They had the best time in Mississippi. London only cried for us once. Dylan said he was happy to see us, but that he could have stayed another week if it were up to him. The fact that they were not homesick is a direct testiment to the love that they were surrounded with. Their grandparents, great-grands, aunts, and cousins all spent time making special memories with Dylan and London. I hope that this trip is something they'll always remember. And I hope its the first of many more. 

Daniel and I were in Louisiana for two nights before picking up our babies. We had such a good time, but when Sunday morning came I could not get out of bed and into the car fast enough! They were in children's church when we finally got to them. We waited until it was over and then slipped into the room. The looks on their faces were priceless when they realized we were thee. They both hugged me tighter than ever before, I think. London did not let go of my hand for the next few hours, other than to eat. We went and visited with Daniel's grandparents for a bit and then loaded up the car to bring our babies back home. I know the kids were happy to see us, but I think they were both sad to leave. I'm so glad they love their grandparents and great-grands so very much.   

We asked them what their favorite part about each leg of the their trip was, the first leg being Daniel's mom and dad's house and the second being his grandparents. Here's what they said:

Dylan about Memom and Umpa's house:
1.Climbing the rock climbing wall (which Daniel's dad built just for the grands!)
2. Kayaking in the river, and learning to do it all by him self.
3. Getting to not only go to the Mississippi Brave's game, but getting to be the honorary bat boy!

London about Memom and Umpa's house:
1.Going fishing and catching a fish!
2. Watching the fireworks (at the Brave's game)
3. Getting to yell "Play Ball!" at the Brave's game.
4. Eating cake
5.Watching the Olympics*
6. Going to a birthday party

Dylan about Grandma and Grandpa's house:
1. Playing Legend of Zelda with Grandpa.
2. Going to swim at Aunt Paula's
3. Getting his shoe stinky in the pond (I'm quoting here)
4. Playing with Maggie and Ally
5. Grandma getting in the pool with him*
6. Sleep over with Ally.

London about Grandma and Grandpa's house:
1. Having ice cream with Grandpa on his swing.
2. Seeing Tracey "my grown up cousin"
3. Playing with Maggie
4. Having a sleepover with Ally
5. Swimming at Aunt Paula's and playing with her cat Simba
6. Playing barbies with Paulina and Christina.
7. Meeting Daisy, Micky Mouse, "Hustle" (not sure if I understand her correctly on that one)

*funny stories to follow

I'm so glad that my mother in law and grandmother in law both thought to tell me funny little stories through out their stay. Some of the kids "favorite memories" reminded me of a few.

On one of the days the kids were at Grandma's house, two of their cousins came over and they all went swimming at Aunt Paula's house. Apparently all of the grands talked Grandma into getting into the pool with them. When Daniel saw the picture of her in there, he said he's never, ever seen her in a pool before! Grandma told Dylan she needed him to teach her to swim. He told her "Sorry! Old people can't learn to swim." Thankfully she has a great since of humor! Kids tell you their exact truth, don't they?

The first night night away from home was also the opening night of the Olympics. Umpa had the Olympics on and London was beside herself that the people on the tv kept saying her name. She was even more baffled that the broadcasters were saying how many people were in London for the Olympics. She turned to Memom and said "Maybe that's why my tummy hurts a little... all of those people are IN me." Sweet girl.

While telling me her favorite memories just now. She said spending the night with Ally (one of their little cousins) was one of them. Then she said "I really want her name to be Olivia, but its not. Her name is Ally."

On our way home, we had dinner with my Daddy and Brenda. We always love seeing them and our visits never seem to be able to last long enough. The kids sang a few verses of some church songs with my dad (right there in the restaurant) and it was so, so special to me. 

We drove straight home after dinner. I think we got in around 2:30 on Monday morning. If I'm not mistaken, Daniel and I were in the car for a total of 13 hours on Sunday (including the 4 hours of LA to MS to get the kids that morning). It was a long day, but so worth it.

Since being home, the kids and I have been some lazy bums. The first week they both pretty much wanted to be home all day. They were ready to get back out, playing and swimming this week but Dylan has swimmer's  ear so we've missed a total of two week in the water! There is only one more week of summer left. I plan to make it a great one!!! 

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