Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Things that make me happy.

The Holidays are officially over. Whew. And so are the one million post about them. As much as I do love 'em, I think I'm good to not think about Christmas for a whole other year. Lucky for me, it times out just right! :)

So since Christmas and New Years, we have been having lots of laid back days, not going very many places, and enjoying the quietness. I will admit that I was about ready to start being out of the house again yesterday but when I went to get in my car, it wouldn't start. Great. Its currently at the shop. Of course that stinks like you know what, especially for my bank account right after the holidays, but you know what... there isn't anything I can do about. So, I'm not letting it get me down. We are making lemons into lemonade, baby! Since we could not leave the house yesterday, we declared it pajama day. London and I took a long hot bath and then slipped into some new clean pjs. When Dylan got home from school he thought we were a little silly, but when I explained it to him, he said "Oh! Cool!" and the next thing I knew he was in his pjs too. I love that about this kid. He is so laid back and go with the flow. I cooked breakfast for supper, as it was only appropriate and then we curled up and watched tv until bedtime. Daniel didn't get home until ten-something last night, so I cleared out all the girly shows on our DVR... lemons into lemonade ya'll!

Today I decided we needed to get dressed even if we were stranded. I didn't get much done in way of housework, although it would have been a great day for that, but I did host a pretty mean tea party for my princess. I did spend an hour outside with my littles, one dressed as superman and the other as a puppy. I did clear my mine while hanging out on the floor playing board games, focusing only on them and not letting my mine wonder to this or that place. I did bake cookies with my girl, who wanted to wear her brothers spider man apron rather than her princess one, thats okay- you rock that Spidy apron girl! I am NOT a chilled out kind of gal, but today I think I conquered it. The art of being chill. Chilllaxing, as my mom says. And with the close of the day and a to do list full of no check marks of completion, I set down and think about how blessed I am. The little things that so easily stress me out... they'll all be faint memories in months to come. They aren't even worth getting upset about. So what that I don't have a car for a couple of days!? I'll spend lots of time with two little souls that light up our family like beautiful candlelight. So what that money might be just a little tight for the next month or so!? We'll rock a homemade pizza rather than going out, and my littles will LOVE that.

I have too much to be thankful for and happy about to be down in the dumps.

I have babes who have a new found love of "shaving":

And a Hubby who got a little to excited about teaching Dylan to shave! I love how much this guy loves our babies. I think Dylan might need a refresher course in about ten years though.

I have boy with a new love of sports, his newest being football. He says he'll be a football player once he retires from making films. Shoot for the sky, sweet boy, shoot for the sky!

And again, a hubby that gets in the yard and plays ball with his mini-me-number-one.
And then comes in and has an impromptu Choo Choo ride with his mini-me-number-two. Oh yeh, and all the while he is helping me take down Christmas decor. I know, I know. I'm a lucky girl. He's pretty much superman.
I have a girl that loves tea parties. My heart can't get any happier. She likes to be called "MISS London" during Tea and she calls me "MISS Mommy."

And a girl that loves to dance like a rock-star to the classical sounds of "Barbie Girl!". I know. I'm teaching her right.

And a girl who loves a cell phone the way that I love a pair of sexy-sexy-shoes. Uh, oh! I just had flash backs to hours and hours of being on the phone as teenager. I think Little Miss Priss might follow in my sexy-shoe prints on that one!

And to top off all those things of happiness, I have a hubby who is on his way home, some fresh baked cookies, thanks to a certain little sous chef, and a show that we both love on the tivo. All of these little things, they are what make me happy. They are what makes life sweet. They're the things that matter.

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