Saturday, February 5, 2011

Annnnnd REPEAT!

Copy and Paste. Thats what I could do to my last two post from a couple of weeks ago to describe this past week. After the snow two weeks ago, we had a beautiful weekend. I mean, BEAUTIFUL, with highs of 70s. So what else are we to do on a beautiful Saturday if not hit up our favorite local park!?

Honestly, there aren't many things I love more than cuddling up to my hubby on the park bench while we watch our babies play. My love tank is over flowing every.single.time we leave that park.

Again, this was Saturday. Sunday was equally as beautiful and full of fun and friends. Church, lunch with friends, a birthday party, and dinner at the church... a fabulous time. Monday was in the 50s and London and I spent most of the day out of the house running a few errands and just window shopping and having fun at the mall. Thank the Lord for us having Monday on the go. Why? Because Tuesday brought the craziest ice storm I've ever seen along with arctic winds and some snow. Daniel and I agreed that we are not the kind of people who should live in the North. This kind of weather is simply not for us!

The kids always love a good snow day though!

Tuesday was pretty nice. We lounged around and worked on perfecting the art of doing nothing. Everyone loves a snow day right!?
Well how about a snow WEEK!?
The temps never came above the 20s, the roads were a mess, and so schools were close the rest of the week. We are blessed in that Daniel's office also closes with bad weather. Honestly, so blessed. First of all, I wouldn't want him on bad roads, but also it was just so darn nice having him home with us.
We'll be paying back those hours in the next week, but it really was nice. I would even say it was worth it!
So what does a family do when "Snowed in" for four days? Well, on the first day we played in the snow for all of 5 minutes before the arctic winds blew us right back inside. Wednesday and Thursday we didn't even attempt to go outside, and to my surprise the kids didn't really wine about that. Instead we kept warm and dry in our warm cozy house (thank you, Lord, for that!) and enjoyed Tea Party Luncheons, coloring, reading books, playing video games, watching movies, playing, more playing, lounging, and really really working on that beautiful art of doing nothing. It was pretty wonderful, but I think by Friday we were all getting a touch of Cabin Fever.

Friday we were supposed to get more snow. The forecast said about an inch. We received about 4 inches. Thank the Lord, those arctic winds had blown over! The temp was a worm cozy 20-30 degrees, so we bundled up and gave the snow another try. This time it was much more enjoyable. Its always so fun to be outside when the snow is falling!

After about 15 minutes everyone cold it quits with the snow. The kids warmed up with a long warm bubble bath. They must have stayed in there for almost an hour!

Friday night we enjoyed a little game night with our favorite neighbors.

Saturday we were reunited with our friend, Sunshine. The kids wanted to play in the snow again. I was going to wait until later this afternoon, but decided to let them head out for bit right after lunch. I'm so glad I did because the snow was completely gone by late this afternoon. Thank you, Mr. Sunshine! How crazy is that? We are literally frozen over for four days and with 8 hours, its just melted away! We do have some patches here and there, but for the most part it just not there. I'm not complaining.

Daniel had to head to work for a bit today. The roads weren't as bad as I worried they would be. In fact, they were pretty good. It was sort of odd to be the only adult home during the day after having my hubby home with us for four days, but it was good. I was a little bit productive, the kids enjoyed the snow and another long, warm bath, and we even had an outing to Sonic anda good walk with our sweet neighbor.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to a beautiful Sunday with friends and family, and of course watching the Super Bowl!

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