Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas in McComb

Our trip to McComb was scheduled to start Tuesday before lunch. Thanks to "The Mississippi Stomach Bug of 2010" we did not make it there until about 6pm. I hate that we missed so much of the day. I don't remember much the day, because I thankfully had passed out after being up the most horrendous bug the night before. The kids were excited to get down there, and even though I was not at all back to 100%, we drove down. I was not worth much of anything and didn't even take very many pictures. I'm looking forward very much to spending some real quality time with the inlaws next time we go down.
I don't have too much to report from that night, because as I said, I was pretty out of it. I was focussed on taking deep breaths and not dieing. But I do know that the kids and Daniel had a great time and that it was beautiful to see all of our close family together again, it doesn't happen too too often.
Even Daniel's Momma Ree was able to come up. I love her and I HATE to have not gotten to spend quality time with her. This picture of four generations of woman just makes me smile.
And the picture bellow melts my heart. All the grands and Umpa playing jinga. Hello happiness.

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