Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Several weeks ago, we took the kids to our favorite pumpkin patch.
We've gone every year, except for the year London was born, since we've lived in Texas.
The first time we took Dylan, he right around the age that London is now.
I remember that day well.
Dylan was so excite about everything there.
The jump houses and "BIIIIG" slides were his favorites.
He did a crazy flip on the huge blown up slide. And scared the bajeezus out of us. (He was fine, TYJ!)
He was SO excited about the little train there, and I believe he rode it twice.
It seems like that was last week.

I can't believe that this year we took a SEVEN year old Dylan and his three year old little sister.
It makes my heart so happy.

And this year was better than ever.
London has been twice before, when she was one and two, but this was the first year
that she could do most everything there. She was so excited about it all,
just like Dylan was when he was three.
She shocked the socks off of me by going down that same huge slide that Dylan did that crazy flip on.
She is not a daredevil like her big brother.
I think its because she had Dylan with her though.
And I think Dylan loved having her there to play with this year.
I love seeing their love for each other develop and grow.

We had a great time taking hay rides, picking out little baby pumpkins, jumping in bounce houses, and running wild.
I planned to go several times, but this month was so busy that before I knew it, today was the 30th and we were going back for only our second visit this year. The patch closes after Monday, so I think two visits are all we're doing this year. Maybe we'll get to frequent it more next year. Because we really, really love it. And its a special place for our little family.

Here are pictures from our visit early this month
(pictures from today to come soon)

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life Lately

Life lately...
has been very full.
Like something on the calender almost every single day for the past several months kind of full. We've been very busy and have done some really fun things, and I am so sad I didn't take time to blog about them while they were fresh on my mind. I'll see what I can recall...

We've had lots and lots of birthday celebrations lately.
I mean, we've litterally had a birthday party to attend every.single.week
since mid August. And this weekend, we had THREE parties, one each day.
This means we have lots of people in our lives that we care about and want to celebrate though,
and for that we are thankful! And who doesn't love birthday cake every weekend? (besides my waistline, that is)

The weather has been so beautiful for the past couple of weeks.
The highs have been in the 80s and low 90s.
Listen, this isn't perfect weather, but after dealing with
three digit temps all summer and no rain,
we will take it!
And we will spend as much time outside as we can.
At the park, walking the block, strolling the shops, anywhere we
can soak in the this weather.

Dylan's school is keeping us very busy also.
I love being involved in anything that my kids are involved in,
so I sign up to help with most anything I sign them up to be part of.
This means Londy and I are at the school quite a bit, and even more
so the past few weeks due to big events being held. I wouldn't have it any
other way, but sometimes I feel a little bad for sweet London having to tag
along everywhere. She's a good sport though! And my big helper. ;)
Last month we were busy with homecoming and spirit week, the "Fun Run",
the start of bookclub, and lots of other little things.

And last week we got to take the kids to do something very fun and special...
We went with a few of our friends
and we all had such a great time.
The kids loved everything,
But their favorite part of the night was
for sure getting to ride the elephants!

I'm sure there are a thousand of other things I would have blogged about
had I done it sooner, but that's all I can think of at the moment.
Right now, we are soaking up Fall and all things Halloween.
We went to the pumpkin patch for the first time this year today!
More on that soon!

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

London's BirthDAY

If you know me, or have read this blog, ya'll know we do birthdays big
here at the Hilburn house. So, on top of throwing fun parties,
our birthday girl/boy gets to celebrate ALL DAY LONG on their
actual Birthday.

We start off with them waking up to ballons in their room.
London even slept in her bed so that she could wake up to birthday balloons
in her room!! (Big achievement!)

Then comes birthday breakfast:
London wanted a flower and her name.

Then comes presents...

My dad and Brenda sent her an LSU cheerleading outfit.
She LOVED it. This was her reaction when she pulled it out.

She said "OH MY GOSH!!!!"
I laughed so hard, I cried.
I hate character clothes/shoes/bookbags/anything.
But London saw this iCarly bookbag at Target and nearly
passed out from desire.
It went on super clearance and I sent my mom to get it.
So glad I did. She was beside herself with excitement.

We always let birthday child pick where to eat on their special day.
London picked Chickfila.
So, we went and checked Dylan out of school. (He left right after we opened gifts)
and headed out. But not before stopping to take a few Birthday Pics...

After Chickfila, Grammy took London to Target
and let her go on a mini shopping spree.
I was so tickled because London seemed like she really didn't
know what to do. I guess she is use to me saying "Not today.",
"No, Baby... Put that back."
So when my mom would say "Do you like it, London"
she would say yes but then put it back on the shelf.
We had to keep telling her she was getting to take some toys home.
So funny!

Then we headed to Chuck E Cheese for even more fun.

Please note these little boots.
London's best pal got them for her and
she no longer wants to wear any other shoe.

Then we came home for my favorite (new) tradition.
Letting the sibling make a birthday cake.
London decorated on for Dylan all by herself on his Birthday.
And Dylan was very excited to return the favor to London on hers.

He had many more ideas about what he wanted on his cake to her...
And I let him pick everything, from frosting to sprinkles
to writing to the shape of the cake.

Finished product...

London loved it and Dylan was so proud of his self.
I seriously love this tradition and cant wait to see how the cakes
get better and better as they grow up.
Who knows, maybe they will get each other cakes
even when they are all grown up.
That would make my heart so, so happy!

And that wraps up London's Birthday Extravaganza!

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