Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

2010 was very good to us. We had a happy, healthy, and productive year and well, that's all one can ever ask for. I think back to the first day of 2010 and smile at the difference that one year can make. On this day last year our lives were great but today I would say even greater. I'm typing this as my two year old princess colors in the living and my boys are settled onto the sofa playing video games. My heart is completely happy. And yet, I know there is even more greatness to come!

Its been a while since I made a list of resolutions. It just isn't usually my thing. But this year, I'm feeling it. I'm feeling the inspiration to take on new challenges and to be better at challenges that already exist in my day to day life. Some of them are for me as an idividually, some are for me as a mommy and a wife, and some are for the whole family (isn't that nice of me to sign them up for this too!?). With out further ado:

1. Buy a good study Bible and study guide. Really find my spirituality.
2. Eat dinner at the table at least 4 nights a week.
3. Make time for date nights with hubby.
4. Make time for date night with mom.
5. Make time for date night with girls.
6. Get Dylan reading before K5 ends.
7. Try new and exciting recipies.
8. Get dressed AND put on makeup every weekday, except for Monday, because we all need a day off.
9. Do laundry every day instead of waiting for it to pile up.
10. Take a fabulous vacation.
11. Be in better control of spending habits (isn't that a lovely way of saying it?)
12.Set relalistic goals and expectations for myself. It might be possible that I really can't do everything.
13. Solve world hunger. Wait. Number 12.

So there. My goals for 2011. My rules for myself?

1. Its not all or nothing. If you fall off the wagon, jump back on to enjoy the rest of the ride.
2. This does not have to all start on Jan 1. It is goals for THROUGH OUT the year.
3. Have fun and enjoy life. You only get one.

So that's it. Off to enjoy the first night of this new year with three of my favorite people on earth.

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