Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas in Mississippi

So the first stop on our Grand Christmas Tour of Mississippi (seriously, we bounce all over the place so much that it feels like just that) was my sister Dee Dee's house. We had planned to leave our house Christmas day around noon and end up at her house around 9, it is only a seven hour drive, but with two littles it take a bit longer. Well as I will say often in reference to our Holidays, things did not go according to plan. We wanted to wait and make sure that London would not be sick since she was the night before and we did not leave the house until about 2:00. We had to turn around twice, once when we were about 15 miles out, so we were not really on the road until about 2:45. The good news is that the kids slept a lot of the way. They took an afternoon nap and then went to sleep at their normal 7:30 bedtime. We were about to make it there in a record breaking 7.5 hours, ya'll! Praise the Lord!
We had a great visit with my sister,Dee Dee, and niece, Reagan, and hit then hit the sack. We planned to have lunch with my oldest sister, Tammy and niece, Paige, at Dee Dee's house but when we woke up to SNOW (seriously, so random in MS) things got a bit panickey. We did not want to get "snowed in" aka more that an inch of snow (really, thats just how it is in MS) or be stuck in crazy traffic on our way to Purvis so we decided to hit the road an hour early. I sent Daniel out to get our luggage out of the car and when he came back inside all heck broke lose. He said "I don't know how to tell you this, but their suit case is not in the car." I asked him what in the wold he was talking about and after about 5 minutes of me freaking out realized that indeed, we had no clothing for our kids. Seriously. I planned each day what they kids would wear to perfectly coordinate with each other. I was sick. Luckily, my sister in law and nephews were also coming down to MS to see their family so the luggage did arrive later that night, but let me tell you it did not come with a lack of drama or panic on my end. Whew. And in the whirlwind, I didn't get to see my oldest sister and niece, which was one of the most disappointing parts of the trip.
The kids were oblivious to all the chaos and enjoyed snuggling their Aunt Dee Dee in her big comfy bed and watching tv. We stopped and picked them each up one outfit to wear to the Christmas party. Of course, it "wasn't what I planned", we should count how many time that phrase is used, but it worked. And we made it to Purvis on time and only slightly frazzled.

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