Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Morning

I don't know who is more excited the night before Christmas, me or the kids.
I remember the feelings of Christmas Eve as a child so well. The excitement and magic that makes it so imposable to sleep, even though you know that its the only way St Nick will come. Ugh. Its torture... and its wonderful, all at the same time. I think Because I remember those feelings, I feel them all over again for my kids now that I'm a mom. When Dylan told me "Mommy, I'm just so excited." I felt it. I knew it. I swear I turn into a 6 year old too on Christmas Eve. Its that Christmas magic, I think.
Alas, the kids and I did fall asleep despite all the magic floating in the air. Sadly, London was a tad sick for a bit of the night, but she seemed to feel better when morning came. I mean, how could she not? Look at all those goodies under our tree! Dylan woke us all up around 6:30 and the show was on the road!
Every year Daniel looks half asleep in our Christmas pictures. I love this sleepy head!

So, as I mentioned in the last post, I had matching pjs that I have been planning on my sweet things wearing, but London got sick and we had to change her. So, the picture of the two of them sitting in their matching pjs in front of our Christmas tree that was filled with presents under it... that never happened. In hind sight, I should have thrown the pjs into the washer and dryer during the night. Who needs sleep when you can get a perfect picture? Or I could have recreated the moment later in the week before taking down the tree. Darn nap it. Oh well... we'll have to get that photo opp next year. With or without that picture, the morning was splendid and perfectly special. And I'm the only one who cared at all about the photo, and over all, I don't care too much about it. What I care about is all the beautiful memories of Christmas morning with our family. The excitement and the joy in the air that emanated from my children. Their laughs and shrills of excitement as the opened their gifts. Dylan declaring that there were so many gifts! Thats what is important to me. Thats what its all about.

Favorite Gifts from Christmas morning? I would say for London it was her baby dolls or her "lap top.", simply because those are what she's played with most. For Dylan I'm almost positive that its was his first ever Nerf Gun. This kid has wanted one for ever and I have not been very willing to let him have one, but thats a whole post in itself. Point is, I caved and he was thrilled!!!

I planned to fix a big breakfast after presents, but I was exhausted from being up with London and all she wanted to do was lay with me and cuddle. So, I think we had cereal. I don't even remember, one thing I've learned this past week is to let go and just live and enjoy (we'll see how long that last), and I don't think it even matters. It was an amazing Christmas and we are blessed. Oh! And as an extra sweet bonus, Grammy spent the night with us and shared in the joy!

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