Monday, January 10, 2011

Park One Day, Snow the Next.

I mean, how crazy is it that Saturday our kids were playing at the park with no need for a jacket, and the next day it is snowing!? Thats so wild to me. Infact, it was so warm earlier last week that when I told a flip flop wearing Daniel they were predicting it would snow in just days, he told me "If it snows, I will eat this flip flop!" He should be glad I didn't hold him to that one!

The afternoon at the park was beautiful and just slightly chilly.
Just chilly enough for a cup of coco!
But warm enough to enjoy lots of playtime in the sunshine and lots of fresh air.
The kids spent lots of time swinging.
Climbing. Running. Loving life.
The Hubby and I cuddled up, sipped our warm coco, and planned for fabulous a summer vacation.
Weekend at the park are one of my favorite things.
Letting our babes run free and play until their hearts are content (or until it gets just a little to chilly for Mommy to stay any longer) and being snuggled next to my best friend, it makes my heart do a little happy dance.
And the fact that the littles sleep so soundly after a day at the park? Why, thats the cherry on top! *wink*

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  1. Love the cute polka dot mugs! Looks like a super fun day!