Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spending time in Purvis

Purvis, Mississippi.
If you looked for it on a map, you might would miss it. There isn't much to it. But to our family, it is a little piece of heaven on earth. It is a place we can retreat to and recharge our souls. Its a place where the littles can run and run and run outside and never run out of space. Its a place where everyone can sit and swing in the gazebo and take in life's goodness. Its a place where it doesn't matter that yo have no cell phone coverage, because time spent there is all about family. Its a place where worries of life check themselves in the car before you even step foot onto its magical ground. Its a little piece of heaven on earth.
While I'm pretty sure that the land its self holds a bit of slender and magic, its the Grandparents that live there that make its so very special to us. All four of us get excited and count down for weeks when its nearing time for a trip to their house. Daniel sits on the porch with his Grandpa for hours and talks about anything and everything, in fact they may or may not be solving all the world's problems. Grandma and I float from the kitchen to chasing London around the house to joining the boys on the porch. Dylan bonkers down in the game room and plays so much Nintendo that it can't be too good for him. And thats all just inside. Inevitably there is a Great Adventure to be had by Dylan, Daniel, and Grandpa. They jump on the tractor and hit the woods. Sometime they build a little fire, sometimes they make bow and arrows, sometimes they just ride. Every time is a beautiful memory for both my guys. London loves to chase the cat and all the chickens outside. Both babes run until the can't run anymore in the big open space of the back yard and then they take turn on the tree swing. I sit and watch as my heart swells with so much happiness that it might just burst. And I snap one million pictures, of course. Its out of a story book, I'm telling you.

And this trip did not disappoint. There were adventures, lots of time on the porch, camp fires and s'mores, board games in the living room, fried catfish that makes you want to slap your momma, and so much love that you could almost catch it in a bottle... oh, if only you could!
Never mind that I caught "The Mississippi Stomach Bug of 2010", I don't know if thats what other's are calling it but it sure does deserve the title, it was still fabulous and we can't wait to go back. Fourteen weeks. But who's counting?

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