Thursday, August 8, 2013

The King and I

 Back in the Spring (I mean, I'm only 4 months behind) Dylan was in his first musical, The King and I. We were so proud of him for getting cast. There were a hundred-something kids that auditioned and only forty-ish kids made it. The rehearsal schedule was pretty brutal, especially since it was running along side baseball season, but the show was Amazing. I was so glad for Dylan to gain  the experience  of working on a musical and working with some very talented adults.

The actress who played Mrs Anna was especially amazing. And I'm pretty sure Dylan had a little crush on her.  

Dylan was beside himself when he found out that he would have to be in full hair and makeup. I think it was a mixture of excitement (the kid loves a costume) and horror (he wasn't sure about the makeup). In the end he loathed the makeup but didn't mind the hair.  
Dylan played a little prince and also Buddha in the Ballet. The Ballet was my favorite part of the whole show, and not just because it featured the cutest (and probably thinnest) Buddha of all time.

By the last performance we were all exhausted. But again, it was totally worth it. Dylan gained lots of experience, a little independence, and made new friends along the way!
We've taken the summer off and haven't done any theatre or sports. But I think this fall he will be doing both sports and theatre again. In other words, this mom has trouble saying no to extra curriculars. And in other-other words I want my kids to be well rounded and talented in as many areas as possible.I don't think I have anything to worry about in that department though. :)

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