Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Early in the Summer we took the kids to see a Ranger's game. Neither Daniel nor I are huge baseball fans, but Dylan seems to really enjoy watching it. And big fan or not, I really enjoy watching pretty much any sport live. Seeing a live game seems like an event. Its just a fun and special day.

Our seats were in the nosebleed area. Literally, we were the second row from the top of the stadium. That ended up working tremendously in our favor because we were shaded by the top of the stadium the entire game. The people with better seats were dripping in sweat by the second inning.

London and I share a distaste for heights. I try not to say "I'm scared of..." around the kids, because I really think they feed off of my energy. It was a challenge for me to play it cool that high up in the stands. The stairs are super steep so that makes it feel worse. I stayed pretty calm and London did well with it too. She didn't want to move very much once we took our seats though!


By far the kids favorite part of the game was to "order" food from the vendors that go up and down the isles. Guys would come by screaming "Cotton Candy!"  "Peanuts!" "Ice Cream" and before I would know what was happening the kids would have waved the guy over! They had a set amount of money to spend and they spent it mostly on treats. Finally, I had to tell them to ask me first because London had flagged down a man shouting "ICE COLD BEER!" and asked him for cotton candy. He went and fetched it for her. 


The other thing we loved was to dance and cheer to the music. London especially loved that.


Daniel and Dylan were into actually watching the game. I kept London entertained and busy so the boys could really enjoy.


Bless her heart, she did great and made it through ALMOST the whole game!

It's fun to live in an area that has professional sports teams. I didn't have that growing up. I hope the kids always remember going to baseball games and that they always feel a sense of pride to be Ranger fans because they grew up going to their games! 

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