Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lets Go Ride a Bike

This Spring and Summer my kids have become bike riding fools. Especially when the weather is nice, and by that I mean anything under 85 degrees, they want to be on their bikes constantly.

Dylan is all about speed. He is so fat that I told Daniel I bet they could run/bike next to each other. In the past Daniel has been to fast while running for the kids to bike next to him. This year it turns out that Dylan is too fast for Daniel to keep up with! On a side note, Dylan is officially a faster runner than me. He beats me by a few feet every single time we race. I knew it was inevitable.


London is just getting comfortable on her bike. The last time she was on her bike (in the Fall) she was very unsure of herself. But over the Spring she really gained a lot of confidence. Every now and then she ask me for a push, but for the most part she wants to be completely independent.


And check out her new sassy set of wheels. She thinks she is a BIG GIRL now.

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