Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Big Girl Haircut

London has been asking to get her hair cut for months.
I didn't want to cut it because I was afraid it would make her look even more like a big kid.
But she kept asking and asking and asking.
And then I cut my hair for Locks of Love and she said "Mommy, PLEASE can I cut my hair like yours so we can be the same-same!?"
She is very into being the "same-same" as me.
I know that one day she'll want to be the opposite of me, so for now I bask in the glory of her affection.
How could I say no to that?
Also, her hair was getting to be impossible to keep brushed out and tangle free.

So here's my long-haired beauty...

And here's my short-and-cutie! 

I love it.
I had to walk away while she was getting it cut because I could feel the tears coming.
She was so proud of her new haircut. I think its safe to say she felt as cute as she looked.
And its MUCH easier to care for.

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