Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Biggest Ice Cream Sundae Ever

Beth Marie's is an ice cream shop nearby that serves the most delicious homemade ice cream.  Everytime we go   the kids see the EXTREME SUNDAE on the menu and every time they beg to get it. Its basically the biggest sundae I've ever seen. Of course, we always so no to the sundae and to the sugar coma that we're sure is to follow.

We decided on Easter Sunday that we'd surprise the kids and take them for their much wanted and wished for treat. I wish I had taken a video of us saying yes when they asked the usual "Can we get the big sundae?" expecting a "no". You would have thought we were going to Six Flags or something!

For the Sundae you pick EIGHT ice cream flavors and EIGHT toppings. Then they add two big brownies, two HUGE cookies and a banana.

I mean what kid doesn't dream of this...

Even with all four of us stuffing ourselves to the point of misery we didn't finish the sundae. 
 The kids still talk about us ordering the sundae.
Daniel and I think that we'll make it an Easter tradition.

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