Thursday, August 8, 2013


We officially have another season of baseball under our belts. This was Dylan's 4th year to play. Man. That is hard to believe. This year Dylan had the best season of his "career" by far. He was on a great team with tons of friends and something just CLICKED for him in way of sports this spring. He's always liked playing sports, but it was mainly for the social aspect of it. He has never been very competitive and if I'm honest not incredibly athletically inclined. I don't know what happened but something inside of him just clicked this year. He all of the sudden he seemed so comfortable out there on the field, and really more in tune with his own body (I'm not sure if that makes total sense). He improved by leaps and bounds this season. A competitive spirit awoke in him. He loved playing baseball and not just going to baseball to play with his friends.
Now all of the sudden, this kid always had a ball in his hand.

He was number 7 this year. 

One thing we loved about this season is that the Coach let all the kids have a chance to play every position. Dylan's favorite was "anywhere infield" and least favorite ended up being catcher (I think).

I hope this kid knows that I will always be his #1 fan and biggest cheerleader in life. 
This girl is also a big fan of his. She had a blast playing with other little sisters and brothers on the team.
This guy is the best dad. He always says he isn't going to coach, but he never ends up in the stands with me because he is... well... coaching.
Every single one of his coaches told us that Dylan was by far the most improved player of the season. Most importantly, his head coach told us what a great kid Dylan was to coach. Coach said he was a great team player and was eager to learn. A mom can't ask for more than that.

Dylan is very into sports at the moment, and that is so exciting. He is also still interested in theatre, and that is equally as exciting. All I can hope is that he be able to follow his passions in life, whatever they are.

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