Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny

I love dying Easter Eggs. It has always been one of my all time favorite traditions. This year it was a lot of fun to dye eggs with the kids because they are at such fun ages. This stage in life is just so sweet. I wish I could freeze time for a bit.

It was funny to see the difference between London and Dylan's approach to egg dying. London was so excited to dip her eggs in every single color. She would plunk and egg into the dye with one hand while grabbing a new egg with another. It almost seemed like she was trying to go fast so she could do as many eggs as possible.
 Dylan was all about paying attention to the details of his egg. He used the little wax crayon to draw a design on almost every one of his eggs. He took his time and was in no hurry. He ended up dying fewer eggs and was not bothered in the least by that.

To sum it up, Dylan is a mini-Daniel and London is a mini-Carla. 
 Once the eggs were dry we put them into the kids' baskets and left them out for the Easter Bunny.
At our house the Bunny takes the basket and hides the eggs outside then fills the basket back up with goodies. 

When the kids woke up they were very excited to find their baskets empty of eggs and full of fun stuff! 

They didn't get a lot of candy, we try to not do a lot sugar, but I can not resist getting them chocolate bunnies each year.  Its a tradition I just can't break. Our general rule is to let them open it right away and eat the ears off of it, then we put it in the refrigerator to "save for later" aka disappear for ever. 
For breakfast I made bunny rolls aka cinnamon rolls.
Dylan got an under armour hat in his basket. He wouldn't take it off all day and wears it all the time now. Maybe he's a baseball cap kind of guy? I'd love that! I think boys in caps are so cute!

We started a new tradition this year.

The night before easter we planted jelly beans in our flower bed.
I told the kids that I read on the internet that if we did that, the Easter Bunny could grow the jelly beans into candy. I said I wasn't sure if it would work because I had never tried it before, but that we could give it a go. They were so, so, so excited about this.

They couldn't wait to go outside Easter morning to check on the planted jelly beans...

They were BEYOND excited when they found that it worked!  The Bunny turned the beans into beautiful lollipops  He also left some golden eggs behind. At least I thought they were golden eggs. Dylan claims that it was poop, because the Bunny poops golden eggs "everyone knows that". Yuck!
After we picked the lollipops out of the magical garden, the kids hunted for the eggs.
Everything is extra sweet when Grammy is with us!


We each had our own special eggs. The kids were so funny and only wanted to pick up their own eggs and not anyone elses. I had to convince them it was okay to pick up the adult's eggs since we didn't have an easter bunny
These were my favorite eggs this year...

This year we had a great Easter!
 London is already asking what the next holiday is, she is so my daughter! 

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