Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Itchy Girl

This beautiful baby girl of mine is one itchy little thing the past couple of days.
Last winter, when she was just a few months old she developed little rashes all over her back and tummy. We took her to the Pedi. And after going over possible allergies and a couple of visits, we settled on the fact that our beautiful babe just has a mild(ish) case of Eczema.

* Let me just stop here and say that I am so beyond thankful to the Lord that such a small, small, SMALL thing is all that we have to deal with. I can't say Praise the Lord enough for the health of my family. *

Since her Eczema is mild, all we had to do was switch her over to all fragrance and dye free soap, lotion, and laundry detergent. We were just very careful about what touched her skin. I remember the doctor telling me "I know you are going to miss the "baby smell" of that pink lotion, but just remember that smell is all chemicals." :) She was trying to brace me for the fact that the Eucerin she told me to start using pretty much smelled like tree bark. hahah! (Again, such a little thing to worry about!)
My other petty complaint was that this tree bark smelling soap and its lotion cost at least triple what that sweet smelling pink stuff cost.

So, after a few days of changing over to fragrance and dye free items, London's Eczema was really pretty easily controlled. Over the summer, it seemed to go away. Once or twice I thought we were over it and tried using pretty smelling things on her, but each time we had to go back. I have found other all natural soaps that actually smell nice now.
She hasn't had a big outbreak in a loooong time (like maybe then end of last winter), but a couple of days ago, I noticed a little rash behind her knee. I didn't think too much of it, and just put the usual bedtime lotion on it. But then last night and then night before London woke up SO upset about something. Daniel and I couldn't figure it out the first night. She didn't want anything we offered her, she just was so upset. We finally calmed her down and got her back to sleep. I thought maybe she had a bad dream. Last night she woke up again with the same thing. She was just SO upset and there was NOTHING we could do for her. I told Daniel to check her rash and thats when we realized that the Eczema had really flared up. She had small little rashes all over, just like last year. So, Daniel put some more lotion on our poor baby girl and gave her a little bit of Benadryl and she calmed down and went to sleep.
I called her Pedi's office this morning to see if I should bring her in. They said she should be fine without coming in and told me to just keep her VERY moisturized and add this gem to our bedtime routine:

Its sooo thick and kind of greasy, but London didn't mind it. The nurse said to also give her a little Benadryl to help her tonight. If these don't work or it gets worse I'll take her to the Pedi and we'll figure out something else. She hasn't been bothered by it but once, after nap time, today though. So, hopefully its smooth sailing.

Thanks to my sweet hubby being on the ball (it was his idea) I also picked up an oatmill bath for our girl.
We made a spa night out of it. I ran a warm bath in my tub and let the water get good and deep. I threw a bathing suit on and hopped in with both kids and we "reeeelaxed", as Dyl says. I followed it up with massages and "mani peddis" (read finger and toenail clippings). Both of the kids seemed to enjoy it. Dylan told his Daddy "You've GOT to try one of those baths. It was GREAT!" haha! Maybe he'll love a spa as much as his Daddy and I do. Hopefully, London will too and we can do family spa days. haha!

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  1. Aww...I feel your pain! Andrew has always had eczema, too. We thought it was allergies for the longest time, but after cutting things out and changing everything, we've decided he just has sensitive skin. We love the Eucerin moisturizing cream (the original one in the tub). Andrew gets slathered up after every bath in the winter. His flared up again this week, too. Just makes him so miserable, but like you said, if that's the worst we deal with, I'm grateful!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! Charli Beth has started to break out again this week and I have been wondering what to get!

  3. We too have had this problem lately.. I love aquaphor.. it really is the best I think. We also have a topical steroid ointment that we use, so if it isnt getting any better, you may want to ask your Dr about that too!!

  4. Bless her heart! She is an absolute doll baby! These winter months are SO hard to make it through even without Eczema! I can't imagine how itchy she must be! Here's to warmer, wetter weather ASAP! :)