Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hair 911

Today has been one hair crises after another here in the Hilburn household. I started out with Dylan wanting his hair to be done in this goofy hairstyle that he does sometimes (I wish I had a picture, I'll try to get one tomorrow) for school. I mean, it really looks GOOFY, or as he would say "gooby." Call me mean or prideful (Dylan picked mean), but I'm not letting him go to school with crazy hair. Its out of pride, yes, but also out of love and protection.
Dylan didn't care one bit what my reasons were though. All he cared about was that I was forcing him to wear his hair all nice and neat. And this is how the conversation rolled:

Dylan:"But mooooommy, Link (a video game character that he is crazy about) wears his hair like this!!"

Mommy:"Well, I'm glad you like Link's hair, but you are not Link, you are Dylan, and Mommy gets to decide how you wear your hair until you are 10 years old" *I realize that this may or may not be realistic (okay probably is not) on my part, but its what came out. All moms have moment like this, right!?!

Dylan: "WELL, When IIIIIIII'm a teenager I'm not going to listen to you and how you want to do my hair."

Mommy: "*Sigh* I know"

Dylan: And IIIIII'm going to go to school by myself and you aren't going to take me.

Mommy: "*Sigh* I know"

Dylan: "AND my hair will be the way I say. Not how you say!"
Mommy: "I know. But for now, lets have a nice attitude and let Mommy make sure your hair looks nice for school, okay?"

My sweet Dylan turns around and gives me a big hug. Crises over. And he went to school looking charming. Much like this:

Well, Miss Priss could not let Brother be the only one with hair drama today. So she decided that she would go find a tub of Boudreaux's Butt Paste, some how get it open (still not sure on that one, must have been open already) and put half of it in her hair. This stuff is THICK and water proof. Not kidding. I really shouldn't have stopped to take a picture because that just gave her an extra second to make more of a mess. I washed her hair 5 times. Five. And that stuff was still in there. It wasn't as bad, all of the glops were out, but definitely still there. I had to quit because London was crying sooo hard. I honestly thought if she didn't calm down she would throw up. So, she walked around with super greasy hair for a bit this afternoon.

Daniel actually had the idea to put peanut butter in her hair and then wash that out with soap. I knew that trick worked on gum, and honestly was ready to try anything. So, I rubbed her sweet little head down with some peanut butter, sat her in the bath, let her play for a bit while it had time to set in, then shampooed, three times. THREE. She HATED it all three times and was crying so hard when I was done. Most of it came out. Her hair is just oily now. I'll have to wash it again in the morning. I gave Miss Priss a big piece of apple to chew on and cuddle up with her until she was happy again. We watched Toddler's in Tiaras while we cuddled. I couldn't believe how much she was loving it. And I was loving her loving it! haha!

And also, I happen to be having an awful hair day too. No joke.

Here is hoping that tomorrow is much better (hair)day for us!!

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  1. OMG, the butt paste...DYING! Sorta like the scene I encountered when I gave the dude a bowl of oatmeal and let him go to town this morning. It wasn't pretty. Ah ha ha

  2. My son loves to do the crazy weird hair stuff too! Drives me crazy! And oh goodness, the butt paste picture....she'll love you for that pic one day!! That stuff IS thick!!