Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 100th Post is BONKERS!!

This is my one hundredth post!!!!
Today we had a Family Fun Date Night!!! We love taking the kids out to do fun activities, and try to do it pretty often. Tonight, the kids and I met Daniel in the town where he works and had dinner at Wing Stop and then took the kids to Bonkers.
Bonkers is this play place for kids with a HUGE jungle gym. I mean HUUUGE.

The kids had a BLAST. Daniel and I had planned to take turns with one of us playing in the todler area with London and the other in the main jungle gym with Dylan. I stayed with London first. She went through that toddler area like she had built it herself. Then, she decided she was much to old for this area (even though it was meant for ages 3 and under and she is only 16 mo) and ripped out into the main Gym.

It wasn't long before we found Dylan and Daniel and to our suprise little Miss Priss kept up with the her big brother like a champ. Dylan, of course is much faster than London, so he would take off and them come back to meet her when she was climbing up to the slides.

These big yellow slides were both kid's favorite part, I believe. It was so cute to watch them go down together.

The people who made this thing were so smart to have built in little rest areas!

Dylan told us that we should all live at Bonkers. Well, we would have a bed, I guess.

I told him that we couldn't move in, but we would come back to play more often. that made him happy. :)
I had planned on us staying a couple of hours, but we didn't get to stay quite as long. Both of the kids have had a cold the past week, and they seemed to be over it, but as they were getting winded they both started coughing a bit. So I thought it best to head on home. They were both pretty good about leaving early.

Dylan said he can't wait to go back! And I'm pretty sure London can't wait either. :)
It was a great night of food, family, and fun!

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  1. looks like you had a fun time!! lovely blog!

  2. What a fun time.. that place is awesome. I wish we had something like that here!! Your children are precious!