Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Matchy Matchy

I LOVE matchy matchy family photos. I just do.
So, when thinking about having our family photo taken in the spring, I started thinking of what we should all wear.
I got SO excited when I cam across these for Dylan and London! I think it is PRECIOUS! Both are from Gap Kids.

I was thinking that Daniel and would wear solid blue (as close to the kids' as we can get) or white. But then I saw then dress from

No really. If ever London and I needed a mother daughter outfit, this would be the case! I mean...

Ahh! I couldn't leave Daniel out of this Matchy Matchy mix though! I mean, if we are going big, lets go big. haha! I haven't found the EXACT match yet, but we are leaning the right way with this from Old Navy. PS. Express, I am so dissapointed in you, I just KNEW you would have the print I needed and you did not. Shame.

As cutesy as all of these are, I'm not sure we will go quite this Matchy. I may stick to the original plan of the kids in the Gap pieces and Daniel and I in solids. Any thoughts, ya'll?

Either way, I think I'm going to have to get the dress for myself for London and I to wear at some point!

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