Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy (Early) Valentines!

To me, valentines is a day to make an extra effort to show those who you care about how much you really love them. I'm quite the sentimental gush, so this is the perfect day for me. I don't get into the whole exchanging of big gifts, but I love small simple ways of showing thought and love.
We did some extra fun with our kids this year. On the night before first day of February, we put out these little mailboxes that the kids and I decorated. Each night since then we have left a little love note to each kid and a small treat. Its nothing big, but both of the kids have LOVED checking their mailboxes each day.

An example of the things they have found is bubble gum (for Dylan), stamps, suckers, and fruit snacks. There were other things, but I can't remember off hand. But we would put one treat for each of them every night and a little note with something we love about each of them. Its been a lot fun and something that we will do every year from now on.

As for Valentines Day itself, I plan to cook a very pink and heart shaped breakfast. Then we'll go to church, lunch, and get our weekly yogurt. I have to work for a couple of hours in the afternoon but plan to be back home for a special dinner (not sure what yet) and a yummy dessert.
There wont be any dates for Daniel and I this weekend, but we are a A-OK with that. We'll just spend this weekend loving each other and our babes. And I plan an early bedtime for them on Sunday. ;o)

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