Monday, February 15, 2010

A LOVE(LY) Weekend

This Valentines Weekend was so nice!
We started the weekend off Saturday with a visit from my Mom. She brought Valentines happies for the kiddos and my favorite homemade soup for lunch. The kids are always so excited to see their Grammy and they loved all the treats she brought them.
London's favorite thing was this little purse

Dylan loved all his treats, but his FAVORITE thing Grammy gave him was his new Avatar costume that she made for him. It AMAZING. Pictures of that to come soon. She was able to stay and visit for a good little while, and we so enjoyed her. My bestie came over for a little a bit while my Mom was still here too, so it was fun to have two of my favorite woman together at once.
Sunday morning we had a Valentines breakfast before church. I picked up the cutest heart shaped donuts at walmart, which I was SO excited about because now I didn't have to cook heart shaped pancakes! Then I made some chocolate covered strawberries and dyed the apple sauce pink. It was a really cute (and SO EASY) breakfast and I think the family really enjoyed it.

I usually go overboard with treats and presents on holidays, but honestly our kids still have Christmas gifts that are unopened, so I took it easy this year. And you know, they didn't care!They were as excited as could be.

London was most excited about her Teddy, I think. Our girl LOVES stuffed animals and baby dolls.
I dressed Dylan in his red sweater for church. He looked so handsome! He has a Valentines shirt to wear, but I didn't think it was dressy enough for church.
London wore this cute little outfit that my mom made for her.
Dylan was SOOO sweet and kept telling London "Happy Valentines!" My little boy just melts my heart!

After church we had lunch at Jason's Deli. I wanted to avoid the valentines crowds as much as we could, and we love Jason's so it worked out well. After lunch, I had to work a quick two hour shift at my little part time job (Oh, what I do for a discount on cute kids clothes!). Daniel and the kids dropped me off and did a little running around and then played at the mall's play place. I was so happy that they came into town with me. It was nice that they were there when I was done with work.
London fell asleep on the way home (at about 5pm). We woke her up when we got her out of the car, but she was SOOOOOO fussy and just miserable, so we decided to let her go back to sleep. I tried to get her to eat first, but she was not having it. I just knew that she would wake up at midnight and then not go back to sleep. She did wake up, but she went back to sleep somewhat quickly.
So Miss Priss didn't get to join us for valentines dinner, but it was so yummy and cute! We had little slider burgers that Daniel and I cooked together (which is one of my favorite things). We topped the with swiss cheese, grilled mushrooms, and onions. To. Die. For. We also had valentines cupcakes and little cheesecake bites. Yum and Yum!

Dylan gave two thumbs up to it all!
After dinner and a little bit of play time, we tucked Dylan into bed and had a little time to ourselves. I ran a hot bath for us and lit a couple of candles. (Don't worry this is going to stay PG. haha!) I can't think of anything nicer than soaking in a hot bath with my favorite person in the world and having great conversation, cuddles, and kisses. Then we cuddled up in bed and watched Big Love. It was a great night. My heart could have exploded, it was so full of love and happiness.

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