Monday, February 15, 2010

Bleak Day Turned Beautiful

Some days, I just know from the start that it is going to be a long day. That's how I started how this morning. I knew ahead of time that Daniel had to work late, and I knew that I wasn't going to be able to take my car out at all today and those two things alone make for a long one in my books. So, I just already had in my head that the day would be one during which there are 120 seconds in a minute. I know this is a poor attitude for a Stay at Home Mommy to have, but I'm a Human Stay at Home Mommy, and sometimes my attitude is poor.

The first few hours of the morning, I just did as little as I could. I felt lazy and sloppy and dreadful of being inside alllllll day long. I allowed myself those few hours before snapping out of my funk. The kids were fine. I don't even think they noticed my foulness. They just played with each other and toys and with me just like any other day. While watching them play I realized they deserved more than my funk. So, I pulled myself together. I took a few minutes to get myself and London dressed, Dylan asked to stay in his PJs, and started my cleaning routine.

It wasn't long before I forgot why I felt so bleak at the start of the day. I wasn't even thinking of the dreadfulness that is not leaving the house all day long or Daniel working late. It was just our usually routine and two beautiful babes to share the day with.

Not leaving the house left more time than usual to focus on my kids. This little guy and I even had some quality video game time!
He's been after me to play his favorite game with him for quite some time, and I just haven't made myself make time. I'm a little ashamed to say that, but its the honest truth. And lets not forget about me being Human and all. The thing is that I'm just NOT a "gamer". I don't play video games. They make me antsy and sometime dizzy. But my little man loves them so! And obviously, my hubby loves them, seeing as how its his career to make them and all. My two boys bond deeply over their loves for the games. :) So, Dylan has been trying to talk me into playing this Legend of Zelda game with him and I have been dancing around it. I offer him arts and craft, a fun snack, some baking, a bubble bath, ANYTHING instead. I do bond with my little guy, really, just not over games. BUT I had all the time in the world today that even offering all those other great fun activities, we would still have time for the game. So, I buckled down and played.

Let me tell you, I still don't like video games. BUT seeing my little man in his own turf, was so neat. He knew SOOOO much about this whole world inside the game. It amazed me. Listening to him teach me about how to do this and how to go there, it just made my heart so big and full of pride and love for my boy. My bleak day turned beautiful right then.

London played sweetly around us while Dylan and I were playing the video game for quite a while before decided enough was enough. Seems my little princess isn't much on the gaming either. So, the three of headed for one our favorite hang outs, London's room. That is where there play table is at and they just love being in there. I love it because it has amazing natural light and my camera takes pretty good pics in there. And for the play time, of course.
While playing in there, my kiddos were full of laughs and giggles. Dylan loves jumping off the table (which is really low to the ground) and pretending to be a super hero. London is learning to love to TRY to jump. She is smart and only jumps while holding onto my fingers, thanktheLord. Sitting in that room full of sunshine and giggles, my day was not one bit of bleak but only beautiful.
After dinner, my sweet girl loves to help me mop. Its more mess to clean up, but its priceless. Another beautiful moment. And this smile, it could light up anyone's day.The kids took a long nap this afternoon against my better judgment. The normally go to bed at seven and eight o clock. But They both slept from four to six o clock, so bed time was not happening tonight. So after dinner, I needed to change up our whole routine. Searching for ways to stretch out the night, I was so happy when Dylan suggested bubbles. My mom had bought them some for Valentines. So, we broke them out out the kitchen floor where cleanup would be "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy", as Dylan says. It amazes me every time we play with bubbles how much both kids just love them. We played with them for half and hour and both kids would have sat ther for another hour, I'm sure. They squealed with delight trying to catch them, blow them back up in the air, and they both had so much fun blowing the bubbles themselves. Even though the bleakness had long left my day, I was just overwhelmed at the beautifulness of those moments in the kitchen with my babes. They play so well together and love each other so much.
My heart is so full of love for these two mutchkins. They make my days just beautiful.

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