Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Great Snow of 2010

We woke up to a wintery white day this morning. The forecasters said we would get 5 or more inches today. I'll be honest and say that I thought they were wrong. They were wrong last time. Maybe I was just hoping that they were wrong, but either way... they were right.
We got lots and lots and lots of snow today. At 6pm I went outside and measured 5 inches! For Texas (or MS where Daniel and I grew up) that A LOT of snow. Its still snowing now at 9pm and they say it will go until midnight. No school tomorrow! Dylan wouldn't have had preschool tomorrow anyways, since its Friday, but this means Daniel's office will be closed! YAYAYAY!

Back to our snow day. Dylan, as always, looooved playing in the snow. He just gets this huge burst of energy and runs around like a crazy kid! haha! He had so much fun play "snow tag" (he came up with that one on his own, because he's clever like that) and having snowball fights. London in the past has not been fond of the whole snow experience for more than the first three minutes or so of being out there, I think because the other snows that we have had (FOUR this year!) have been so windy and painfully cold. Today was not windy at all though and Miss Priss LOVED being out in the snow. Her favorite activity was to eat the snow. haha! Thats so my girl!
Daniel and I realized that somehow with the four other snows that we have had this year, we still had not made a snow man. So, my wonderful hubby got busy and made us a nice size Frosty. We decided to go with a MRS Frosty, complete with great shades and a bow! haha! The kids loved her. Dylan even gave her a big ole kiss! :)

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