Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from Vaca!

I'm back from vacation. No, not a sunny paridise kind of vacation... a blogging vacation.

The thing is that I try really hard to not be flaky. I don't want to be a flake with anything that I do. But sometimes I just am. I have a bit of a commitment issue. Well, not so much an issue with committing to things, but an issue with seeing them all the way through. I've gotten much better at this with age, but its still a work in progress. I don't want to be flaky with this blog, I want to be committed to seeing it through. I want to have this to look back to as a journal for the day to day life of my beautiful family. I'm trying. I'm working on it! I've said it a million times already, but "I'm going to do better this time!". haha! Really, I am!

*Whew* Confession time is good for the soul.

Lots of fun things have happend while I was slacking big time taking a small break. I'll try to catch up on them in the day or so (but I'm not committing to that, hahaha!) For now, I'll just focus on our beautiful weekend.

Today, Daniel and I got to take part in the most amazing day of ministry through our church. We spent the morning at a near by orphanage, hanging out with the kids and giving them some love and attention. These kids have heartbreaking stories of abuse and neglect, and are so hungry for someone to love them. The orphanage its self is such a great organization, but the kids just eat up the love from volunteers. It was our first time to visit, but it wont be our last!

After our service time, we picked up our kids from the church, and hugged them a little tighter. Then, we took them out for a special day. We went and had pizza at a new little place in town and then to the town carnival! We all had a great time, but Dylan just had a BLAST! He was so brave and amazed me at how he was just fearless with the rides. One of the rides that he road with Daniel was this thing where you lay on your belly and hold onto the handle bars, so it like you are flying. I've seen them at every fair and carnival, but never have ridden it myself, due to fear of heights. It goes pretty darn high and fast, so I was nervous that my five year old wanted to ride. I wouldn't have let him had his Daddy not gone with him! I was a NERVOUS WRECK watching him. I just knew he was going to freak out once the ride started. But I was wrong. He LOVED every second of it. When the ride first started he looked a little nervous, but within minutes he was smiling the biggest smile I've ever seen. Dylan looooves all the things super heroes, so he just loved being up there and pretending to be flying like one! London stood with me and would just cheer, wave, and squeal when the boys would fly over us. She loved watching all of the rides!

We also rode the faris wheel together as a family. As I stated, I. Hate. Heights. HATE. But, Daniel really wanted us to ride it as a family, and I'm glad I swallowed my fear and did it, because it was a special time together. London wasn't quite sure about it. But overall she did great. And I can't believe I did this, but I left my camera at home (even though I knew we were going to the carnival) so I don't have single darn picture! Poo!

On the way out we bought the kids a bag of cotton candy and I told Daniel that I was going to at least take pictures of the kids eating that. haha! He probably thinks I'm slightly crazy, but loves me so much that he doesn't make me feel bad for it. They both had a couple of bites of cotton candy at the state fair this past fall, but it is a real treat and they both LOVED it.

When I handed them the bag, they looked at me like "Really, just eat however much we want!?" (Of course I didn't let them eat the whole bag though(
And then they started feeding each other! SO cute!
I love how much they love each other.I really do!

Yesterday, I had to work for a few hours and then met my mom in town. We did a little shopping and then I treated her to a pedi. She deserves all the pampering in the world, my mom! We were going to grab a bite to eat there in town, but ended up driving back to my house so that we could pick up food and eat it with my whole family and so the kids could see Grammy! We decided to stop at this little Mexican market close to my house. I mean, it the real deal. The food is AMAZING. you can smell it a mile away. We've gone a couple of times and it always stresses me out. None of the workers speak English, so its really hard for me to tell them my order! haha! I hate the feeling of not being able to communicate well. But let me tell ya, that food is worth the stress!

On the way home from the marker, I had a small blow out in my front tire. Thank the Lord that it was just minor and that I was completely safe. Also, I am so thankful that I was really close to home. My mom was following me in her car, so I just hopped in and went home with her. Daniel was able to go fix the flat after supper. Again, praise to the Lord for safety!

I so enjoyed the time hanging out with my Mom. She is just one cool chick.
I told her that I can't wait for London to be old enough to go with us for mani pedi dates! Its so fun having a little girly girl!

Friday, Dylan had Tball practice and then we went and had dinner at McAllisters. It had been ages since we had eaten there, but Daniel and I both grew up with it and love it a lot. We were also able to run to Target and I picked up all of the kids easter basket goodies while Daniel distracted the kids. I'm so glad to have that done!
I has been just a beautiful weekend with my beautiful family.
Pure Bliss.

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