Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cold and Ear Infection.

My sweet girl has been not so sweet just a little fussy the past couple of nights. Yesterday she started getting a runny nose. It was clear though, so I didn't worry. This morning there was just lots of snot that was now green and a very fussy little tot. I thought I should probably take her in, but decided to watch her for a couple hours first. I didn't want to take her in around actual sick kids if she only had a little cold. She had no fever also. But the further along in the morning we got, I could just see her not feeling well. Her eyes were puffy and while I was folding laundry in my room she kept climbing up on my bed and laying there. So, I went ahead and made an appointment for Sweet Girl.Turns out that she has a slight ear infection, thank the Lord we caught it really early on, and just a yucky old cold with some nasal congestion. So, one antibiotic and one cough syrup and we were out of the doctors office in no time! She has really perked up just since this afternoon though. I'm so glad. I hate to see either of my babes not feel well.

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