Monday, February 22, 2010

Growing Up and Still Little

There are days where the sudden growth of my kids is as clear as a bell. Its like the day before they were so much smaller than the present day. I know that them growing up doesn't actually happen over night, but some changes do come in what seems to be one big swoop. And my little ones both had a lot "growing up moments" today.
London has been leaning towards wanting to sit in a big chair at the kitchen table rather than her high chair. I've let her a couple times, but don't encourage it. Today she woke up from one of her naps pretty fussy. I asked her if she was hungry, only half expecting a response, and she nodded her little head up and down and said "Uhhh HUH!" So I took her into the kitchen and opened the fridge door. She pointed to the fruit drawer and said "Bite!" I asked her if she wanted an apple and she nodded her head and said "Uhhh HUH!". So I cut the apple in half for her (she likes to chomp on it better that way) and while I was doing that she said "Milk!" and was pointing to the milk. So I fixed her a sippy. When I went to give it to her, she was already sitting in the chair at the table waiting on her snack!
While she has done all of these thing separately recently, it was just wild to see her put it all together like that. My little baby is not such a baby anymore!

Later in the day, she came to me and said "Potty." I asked her if she needed to go potty and she told me yes, so I took her to the bathroom. She didn't actually go that time, but it was an exciting step in the potty training direction. She told me three times that she needed to potty and actually went potty once! I have not pushed at all to start the potty training bit, but I might go ahead and keep the ball rolling!

But just when I feel like "Oh NO! She's growing up too fast!" I get a sweet reminder that she is still my little baby...

As for my little man, he is amazing me everyday with the questions he ask about how things work and why. He has such a healthy curiosity about the things around him. Just this evening, I over heard Daniel explaining to Dylan how his brain tells his body what it needs and what to do. The level that Dylan seemed to be understanding all of this on was just unreal to me. He is a smarty, my little man!
He is such a big helper and never minds when I ask him to grab a diaper for me or take something to his room. He has little neighborhood friend that he plays with after school. He isn't a toddler any more. Not at all. He is my little boy now. And such a cute one, if I do say so myself. He is still my LITTLE boy though. He still loves cuddles and kisses. He still wants a bed time story and snuggles. And he still sometimes wants to be held. He tells me "I'll always be your baby, but I'm going to grow up. Don't be sad." If that doesn't just melt your heart!!
When at the grocery store tonight, Daniel put London in the seat portion of his buggy and Dylan wanted to sit in my buggy, so I plopped him in there. I didn't even realize it until the other day, but it had been quite sometime since I put Dylan in the seat, since London has needed it these days. It was a simple moment of pleasure to get to push Dylan and love on him and talk to him face to face as we did our shopping. I got lots and lots of cuddles from him as we walked up and down the isles. And I remembered that he IS still little. I still have lots of years of him and London being a kids before they are grown up. And my heart was happy.
My kids are growing up, pretty quickly. But for now, they are still little. And THAT makes this Mommy very happy.

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