Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dylan's Valentines Party

Today Dylan's class had their Valentines Day party. They were going to have it last Thursday, but it got snowed out. Dylan was very excited for the party, as always! My boy love to party! haha!
I snapped a couple of pictures of him before the party. I wanted to get his shirt in the picture, but out of all the photos i snapped, the two really cute ones were close ups. Oh well. I really love this one of him. But I HAVE to find another place with great light for pictures because I'm so sick of that pink wall, especially for Dylan's pictures. Since you can't see it, his tshirt said "Ladies Man." And that's the truth. He is indeed a smooth talking Ladies Man.

Sister Sue got another chance to rock this cute little number that her Grammy made for her!

Being the class room mother apparently means that there is zero time for picture taking on my part. I should have thought to hand my camera to my mom, who came to help watch London and surprise Dylan at the party, but I just didn't. *Sad* Oh well! Next Year!

The party was a lot of fun. We did it differently this time and instead of me doing the games and crafts, I put those on the sign up sheet for the other moms to bring. I just hadn't thought to do it that way, because in my 3 years of being Room Mommy, I've just always planned the whole party, which I love! But this was really nice. I pretty much put together a sign up sheet and showed up with table cloths. haha! It was nice. I think we will do that from now on! I still kind of directed the party though, and was fine too. The kids did two really cute crafts, a headband thing and a heart with a smiley face on a stick. I don't have any pictures, but we do still have the crafts so I might have to get Dyl to pose with them tomorrow. :) We also had them play two games. One was relay type game with this plastic egg and spoon. It was so cute and kids did great and loved it. The other game was on improv due to having too much time left and was "Cupid Says" aka Simon Says. The kids took turn being Cupid. It was a HIT! :)
Dylan kept sneaking over to love on Grammy. A lot of the kids did actually. What can I say, she is a lovable Grammy!

When we got home, I let Dylan go through all his Valentines treats. I remember loving this part so much when I was a kid. It was fun reading all the little cards to him. He wanted to know who every single thing was from. It was cute.

This was the little bag that he made at school for his treats. It always makes me so proud and happy when he takes his time to make his art look nice. This time last year I had to constantly tell him "Dylan, take your time and make it nice, Buddy!" I had to ask his teachers to be a little extra firm with him about it too, because he would just sit down and scribble whatever really quickly so he could get up and go play as quick as he could! But in the past several months, he has really taking a liking to drawing and it makes my heart so so happy. I remember sitting in the living room at the coffee table in my house as a little kid on countless occasion coloring pictures with my mom and dad. And I have waited and waited for the day that he would enjoy coloring with me, and praise the Lord, its finally here! hahah! He even ask ME sometimes if we can color. And I'm always more than happy to!

It was a great day here at the Hilburn house. We had much fun at the party and then spent the whole afternoon with Grammy. We finished the day off with Chick-fil-a with Grammy, a quick trip to Target, and then Sonic. That is what I call BLISS. The only thing that would make it better is if my hubby didn't have to work late. He just got home though and its movie time with him. :)
Life is grand. Praise the Jesus!

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