Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Week of Christmas in Mississippi

Last week we began our official Christmas with Family celebrations in Mississippi.
Its a 8-9 hour drive to my sister's house.
The kids did an AMAZING job traveling.
I would say that Mommy was the most grumpy on the road (did I just admit that?)
I'm so thankful that London is getting better at being on road trips. Until very recently she has not been a good little traveler. Dylan was always easy, but not our princess. But this year she is old enough to play with phones and electronics, watch a movie, color, ect...
Thank the Lord!
So our first stop was my big sister, Dee Dee's house. My oldest sister and her kids came over and so did some other family and we had Christmas that night.

Dylan was so excited when he opened his gifts. He cracked me up because he told me "That was so generous" when talking about his gifts. This kid amazes me. I love his beautiful heart and big vocabulary.

London was beyond thrilled with her karaoke machine and super duper cudley teddy bear.

These are two of my favorite girls.
My niece is 14 years old and is such a beauty.
The thing I love most about her is that she is as beautiful on
the inside as she is on the outside (which is something, because
girlfriend is GORGEOUS!)

And here is part of my family.
My two big sister are on either side of me and all our kiddos.
The above sentence makes me laugh because the guy towering over me
and the beautiful lady on the far right are my oldest sister's kids,
so they are (obviously) my niece and nephew, but they are actually several years
older than me. lol. I use to LOVE reminding them that I'm their aunt.
I woke up super excited on Sunday because we were having lunch with my Daddy.
If you know me, you already know this, but my Daddy is my heart. It makes me so sad
to only see him 3 or 4 times a year, but I cherrish each day I get to spend with him.

I know my dad will love this picture beacuse its him with almost all of his girls.
My other niece and my other Sister couldn't make it, but it was special to have this many of us together at once.

My dad always says he think my sister and I look a like, I see it in this picture.

And this picture will be framed ASAP because these are my two favortie men in the whole wide world.

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