Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday Night and Thursday

After Mamma Ree's we settled back into the car for another two hour drive to our sweet Grandparent's house.
Our Aunt Paula lives next door to the Grandparents and called to see if we wanted to go look at Christmas lights. This is one of my favorite Christmas activities to do, and the place that she took us was AMAZING. I don't think I've ever seen so many lights in one place. Dylan wanted to stay and have boy time with his Great Grandpa, so he wasn't with us. But I have a feeling that all four of us had a great night.

Thursday we woke up and very slowly got ready for the day. Almost the entire family came in for our Christmas celebration. The entire house was packed full of family. I told Daniel that I hoped he knew how special that was. Not every family is blessed in this way, and I feel so fortunate to that my kids get to be part of such a large and loving family. The day was full of happiness, laughter, and special memories.

And another Four Generation picture. How amazing that both of my kids are able to have this.

And my favorite picture of the whole day...
We left for home at the end of the party. We drove 12ish hours and got home at 3:30 am on Friday. Its always a bit of work to get back to Mississippi, but its always SO worth it.
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