Wednesday, December 28, 2011

And the Rest of Christmas.

After my brother and his family left,
the four of us and my mom headed to church for
Christmas Eve service.
Then we came home and hung out for a bit.
We had several sweet family members mail the kids presents,
so we put those under the tree and let them open them up
Christmas Eve night. We also let them open the gifts that they had
picked out for each other.
Before we left for MS my mom and I took the kids to Target and I gave them each $20 dollars to pick out whatever they wanted to for each other. I gave Dylan some hints about what London might want and I sort of steered London into the direction she should go. They were so proud of their gifts to each other. And I was so sure that they would each tell the other what they bought, but can you believe that neither of them let out a peep!! They must have gotten the tight lips from their daddy, because the sure didn't get it from me!

We laid out our cookies and milk and then tucked the kids into bed.
And then Jolly Saint Nick came for a visit.
And he sure was jolly this year.

Every year, I feel like I'm as excited as the kids for them to wake up and find their gifts.
I don't know what I'm going to do when the magic of Santa no longer lives in our house.
I guess I'll have to steel a toddler for the day.
Although, I think Christmas magic make even teens have the joy of little children.
All that to say, I do not take these years for granted. Not one little moment of magic.

Ya'll. If this ain't pure joy... nothin is.

I might start waking up extra early to do my hair and make up on Christmas morning from now on.

And that is Christmas 2011.
362 days until Christmas 2012.

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