Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday: McComb

On Monday we packed up and drove two hours to from my sister's house down to Daniel's parents house. The live in the middle of no where on a river. No one gets cell phone reception or interenet. But its peaceful and cozy and its actually very nice to be "off the grid" for a couple of days, completely focused on family.
When we got to the house, the kids were beside themselves with excitement.
Daniel's siblings both drove in (all of us are at least 10 hours away) so it was a very special time to all be together. Our niece is a year younger than Dyaln and our nephew is just 3 months younger than London. This makes for an amazingly (loud and crazy) good time for the kiddos.

We spent lots of time playing outside. London's favorite thing at Memom and Umpa's house is always the hammock. Maybe we should think about getting one. She asked Umpa if he built it just for her! haha!

There's not much that is better than sitting on a swing or rocking chair with family and watching my babies run and stomp and have the time or their lives.

PS How cute are my babies in their matching Santa shirts!? Thanks Grammy

This picture makes me smile.
London not only loved playing on the hammock she loved snuggle time on it.
Daniel couldn't walk past her with out her saying
"Daddy, can you snuggle me on the hammock!?"
And how can you say no to that!?

Memom had lots of fun activities planned for the little ones.
They loved playing this fun game (why can't I think of the name of it!?)

Once the kids had gotten lots of fresh air and playtime in outside,
we headed in and put on a Christmas movie. We put all the kids on a pallet in the floor,
snug as little bugs.
Ya'll know I LOVE myself a Christmas movie.
I wish I could tell you it was cute, but shortly after we turned it on...
I found myself waking up from a nice little nap.
When I sat up, I looked over and saw this:
Memom making Christmas cookies with the kids. They are so blessed to have a sweet Memom that invest in making memories with them. I know they'll have lots of speical ones with her and Umpa.

That night we had a yummy supper
(thank the Lord for redbeans and rice that have been a cooking all day!)
and then Umpa treated us all to a bonfire.
We made smores and even sang a Christmas carol or two.
My sappy christmas-loving-memory-making-loving-cheesy ole heart could have burst.
Let me just tell ya'll. The picture above is so so funny to me. Dylan looks and acts just like Daniel. I mean JUST like him. But this whole stance, could serriously BE Daniel. Its so funny to me.
Umpa drug out this platform thing for the kids to sit on, but they quickly turned into a stage.
All the kids played on it, but London was pretty sure she was the fetured artist of this show.

Whats better than a cozy fire with your precious family?!?
And how cute is this sweet thing?

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