Thursday, December 1, 2011

Turkey Day 2010

I have not been a good blogger.
But with the Holidays upon us, I have great intentions to be regular with my postings.
We'll see how that works out.

Thanksgiving was a week ago today (so I'm not THAT late posting) and we had a great time visiting with family, eating way to much, and of course Black Friday shopping! I think Black Friday should be a National Holiday. Actually, it should be a World Wide holiday. Nothing unites people quite like shopping! Only Kidding (mostly).

Our Thanksgiving celebrations started Wednesday when Daniel's parents arrived. We did not tell the kids they were coming. All day long I was so excited about seeing their reactions when they opened the door and Memom and Umpa were standing there. Dylan's reaction was pure excitement. London's was more confusion. She just stared at her Memom and then said "What are YOU doing here!?" I wish I had been recording it!

Dylan had things he wanted to show Memom and Umpa right away!
Wednesday night we just relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

Thursday morning, as soon as I opened my eyes I thought "Oh SHOOT! I need to go get a paper!" I was about 7am and I was sure they would be sold out, but I NEEDED those Black Friday adds. So, I ran out the door and left Daniel to start chopping fruit for our fruit salad.
Luckily, the first gas station I stopped at had papers. Good thing, because I would have driven all over Denton if need be.

When I got back, I made some pumpkin muffins and Daniel finished up the fruit salad. Fruit salad on Thanksgiving morning was a tradition in family while I was growing up. I'v continued it for our family, and what was really cool is that Daniel's mom also grew up having the same Thanksgiving breakfast (except her family had biscuits with theirs). And of course, we put on the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I love, love, love the parade. I've watched it every year since I can remember. This was my first year to ever host Thanksgiving though, and turns out that doesn't leave much time for sitting down to watch the parade. I enjoyed being in the kitchen with the parade on in the background and my two little ones watching it.

Mrs Ann helped me in the kitchen all morning and then my mom came over and helped set everything up. She also cooked at least half the food and brought it over. I love this picture of London and her two grandmothers.

Our Thanksgiving table. Not too shabby for our first go at it.

My brother and his family came over and they brought the Turkey. Your probably wondering the the heck I did. Sounds like I had plenty of time to watch that parade, huh? I really did do some cooking though, I promise!

We had an amazing spread of food. There was SO much and we have been eating left overs for almost a week. I finally told the kids I would make them eat it again after Tuesday night. And I STILL had to throw a bunch away!

*Side note: I always thought it was so silly of my Dad for taking pictures of the food anytime we had a get together. I got so tickled at myself for taking this picture!

Daniel's brother also drove up for South Texas to celebrate with us.
He stayed the night with us Thursday night.
All we were missing was Daniel's little sister and her sweet family!

This was the scene from the after math of Thanksgiving.

I hope everyone had a beautiful and special Thanksgiving. We sure did.
We have so much to be Thankful for this year!

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