Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Hi. My name is Carla. And I. AM. AN. OVER. PLANNER.

Every holiday. Every Birthday. Every First. Every moment in my kids' and family's life, I always do it. I always over plan. I want to make all of life's special moments magical ones. Like Martha Stewart marries Halmark meets The Best of Pinterest magical. I over plan special moments and surprises. I can't help. I love it. But I almost never meet my own expectations. Luckily, I'm the only one who feels any disappointment when Birthday Breakfast isn't fit for a Family Fun cover or the tooth fairy forgets to sprinkle her magic fairy dust all over Dylan's bed or We don't do something Christmasy every single day in December.

I had the BEST of intentions for December. I mean, I had a whole Pinterest board committed to its goodness. Christmas magic was to fill our house and our lives almost every single day. Beautiful projects to be made, cookies to be baked, movies to be watched with peppermint coco, carols to be sung every single day, fun day trips to be made, and parties to be had. Most of those things happened, but on a smaller (more realistic) scale.

SO this week, we put on the most adorable aprons and baked some goodies (that were not Christmas cookies becaue I did not have the ingredients) for the first time all month. Lordy Be! The kids didn't care that we were popping out Christmas cookies. They had a blast baking a yummy treat for Daddy. And they looked SO DARN CUTE! It was perfect.

Christmas goodies are still on the agenda!

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