Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday: Another Fun Day in McComb

Tuesday was fabulous for two reasons: 1) we did not have to drive any where and 2) we spent the whole day at Memom and Umpa's with the family.
We started the morning off a delicious breakfast that included Daniel's favorite: tomato gravy. Before we were married, I had never heard of this, but its one of his favorite things that his mom makes, and its super yummy. Then we spent some time relaxing and the kids all had a big time meeting their newest cousin, Dozer!

Next up was our gift exchange.
The kids loved everything and I was so impressed at how sweet and polite all four of them were. They are such good and sweet kids.

Then the boys went down and worked on building onto the house. I can't remember exactly what, but I was impressed with their handy work.
My mother in law and sister in law needed to run into town. They asked if I wanted to go, but being in the car was the last place I wanted to be ("town" is about 3o minutes away), so I volunteered to stay home with all four kids. We had fun playing with the new toys, playing outside, and watching movies. But I was glad when help returned.
By the time the other ladies came home, it was mid day and the kids were all still in pjs. I mentioned getting dressed, but Dylan declared it to be a pajama day. No need to pull my arm. I only wish I had known before I got myself dressed!
However, I didn't factor in walking the kids down to the river when I agreed to the jammie day.
Like I said, we are in the middle of no where, so who cares!?
I think it made our trip to the river extra fun.

When we got home, Memom was making Tristan a birthday cake for his 3rd birthday.
I'm not talking a round cake with icing thrown on it and some candles that is so pathetic you can't turn the lights off and sing Happy Birthday fast enough (hello, my name is Carla, and I am SO guilty of this).

Look at this bad boy!
I told her that watching her decorate was like watching cake boss!
We ended the night all snuggled up around the living room enjoying great conversation and even better company. I think we went to bed with happy hearts!

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