Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree... Oh Christmas Tree!

We have three trees this year. Daniel was originally slightly annoyed with my antics. He's a one tree kinda man (and a one woman kind too, Thank you, Jesus!). But! Once they were all up, and he saw how very excited the kids were about them... his grinchy ole heart found its Christmas joy! He even told me that he was WRONG about it, and that I was RIGHT! That was just the star on the tree for me!

This is Dylan's tree. Its silver and I had already had blue and silver ornaments, so that's what we used. I let him and London put the ornaments on it 98% on their own. This is hard for me. I love a beautiful tree with perfectly spaced out decor. But this was their tree... and by golly... they got to decide how it should look. And guess what!? They did a fantastic job and were SO proud of themselves.

Dylan even put the star on top of his tree. I got so tickled with him because he said "Mommy, go grab your camera and take a picture of me putting the star on my very first tree. I'll show my kids one day!" Haha! Its not his first tree, but it is the first time he had a big (not a table tree) one.

By the time we got to London's tree, the kids were done with decking our halls. So I did it pretty well on my own. They did play in the room and sing Christmas carols with me (which I LOVED). And they did have a fabulous time playing with the tree's box, aka their private plane, choo choo train, and house.

Here is her tree. I love, love, love how girly it is. It makes my heart swoon.

And our family tree:

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