Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Pagent 2011

This past weekend we had our annual Christmas Pageant at church. This year, Daniel and I were the directors. Well, I should clarify that I signed up to be the director. They needed someone and I'm a sucker for a Christmas Pageant. The day of the first rehearsal rolled around and I quickly realized I was a bit in over my head. So I told Daniel exactly what I needed from him and he totally earned Husband of the Year! I would say he was the director and I was co-director. Can I just say, that he is always their to bail me out when I bite off too much, and I love him so much for it!

Our kids were a Shepherd (Dylan) and a Sheep (London). This was London's very first time to be in a program of any sort and she did a great job! They both are naturals on the stage! I don't know WHERE they get their love for the spotlight from.
Here are some pictures from the night:

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