Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Weekend

This Friday was my Handsome Hubby's birthday. We had a whole weekend of fun in celebration of it. His big brother, Lee, came up to Dallas from San Antonio to hang out with us. Lee and I watched Daniel's soccer game Friday night and then all of us went with a bunch of friends to a local restaurant for some yummy beers and dessert (it was a late game.)

On Saturday, we met up with several of our friends to go rock climbing at Stoneworks. It is this huge indoor rock wall that is built on the inside of three old grain silos. Its actually the tallest indoor rock wall in North America. Cool, huh? Lets not even pretend that I made it very far up the wall. I think maybe 30 feet, or 3 stories. I'm TERRIFIED of heights and really not in the best shape, so I didn't feel too bad about. Daniel and Lee were the only ones out of our group of 7 that made it all the way up, 120 feet. I was pretty proud of my Papi! Next up was a BBQ gone wrong at our buddy Joe's house. I say went wrong because we took much longer to climb than we planned for and by the time we were done, none of else had the patience to actually grill out. So, we picked up some take out and booze and headed to Joe's pool. I had way, way, way, way too much fun, and had to end the night a little more quickly than planned, but we wont get into that, okay? Thanks.

Today, we had breakfast with Lee before he headed home and then Daniel and I just enjoyed being with our kids all day. Dylan wanted to go swimming, so we took him to do that. I have not cooked one single meal all weekend. Not healthy, but very relaxing. I'll make up for it this week with lots of grilled fish and freshly steamed veggies. Its been such a nice weekend and I hate that its almost over. I'm about to go curl up with my Handsome Hubby and watch Duplicity.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Hey!
    I wanted to tell you thank you for sharing your story! I never wanted to hurt teen moms with what I wrote - I'm just writing honestly with my feelings but thankfully how God has opened my heart to the other side of things. How teen moms need encouragment and love too! You just don't know unless you've walked in someone's shows. THanks for being open to share!!!!