Thursday, August 13, 2009

THE Dress

I am a die hard Janie and Jack lover. LOVER. To be truthful, I just love shopping. And I really love to shop for all things adorable for my kids to wear. But I REALLY REALLY love shopping Janie and Jack. I don't buy much from them for Dylan anymore as my Handsome Hubby likes for him to have a bit more of a "grown" look, but oh how I miss the days of baby boy layette at this beautiful store!! Now that I have a little princess to play dress up with, I have even more love for the beautiful store. Turns out there are loads of mommies out there that share my love for fabulous children's clothing. While I was pregnant with London I learned of an online forum devoted to children's clothing. I heard angels sing, and then clicked on the link.

That is wear I learned of this dress. Its from Janie and Jack's Set the Table collection 2004. Everyone in the know simply refers to it as "THE dress."

The moment I laid my big green (not with envy, they really are green) eyes on this BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING piece of clothing. I knew London would have to have it.

I then looked at a price tag on it.

It goes for an average of $120. USED.


She'd only wear it maybe twice.

My Handsome Hubby, who is usually quite supportive of my addiction love would never go for this price tag.

Then the angels sang to me again.

My dear friend of several years has a beautiful little girl that is three years older than London and she shares this crazy passion for dressing kids beautifully with me. She called me from Idaho last month and said that she had found THE dress in some of her princess's old things and would I like her to send it to me for London to wear.

I had to sit. I was that excited.

So, my blog friends, here is THE dress on Miss London Paisley.

I also am having professional pictures done with her in this dress. I just must. I can't wait to share those with y'all too, because mine really don't do it justice.

*Thanks for still loving me even if you think I'm a little cookie with the shopping. Smooches.

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  1. I love Janie & Jack. I buy all my nieces clothes from that store (and of course I buy coordinating - not duplicate - outfits). That dress looks adorable on her!

  2. Oh my gosh I am a die hard janie and jack!! I love that dress I can see why it goes for 120 used! What luck that your friend had it!!

  3. That dress is beautiful! And, I love the last sweet!